Closed Captioning Error Blesses Nik Stauskas With Fantastic Nickname

Something wonderful happened during Tuesday night’s game between the 76ers and Kings. Sacramento rookie shooting guard Nik Stauskas hit a pull-up three, and the closed captioning translated the play-by-play call of “Stauskas, hitting the three” into “Sauce Castillo hit the three.” Sauce Castillo! »3/26/15 12:32pm3/26/15 12:32pm

Closed Captioning Goes Insane During Fox NASCAR Broadcast

Reader Doug noticed last night that the closed captioning for Fox Sports 1's NASCAR broadcast "seemed to be drunk." Sure enough, midway through the second race at Daytona the captioning suddenly started spitting out repeated misspellings of various MLB stars' names. This went on for more than five minutes; we… »2/20/15 12:33pm2/20/15 12:33pm