Denver Post Fires Adrian Dater For Repeated Bad Social Media Behavior

The Denver Post has fired Avalanche writer Adrian Dater, who has written for the Post since 1991, according to his Facebook page. Dater was suspended by the Post two months ago for a Twitter meltdown, and had his inappropriate Twitter direct messages—asking a woman to send him nude photos, and telling her in another… »12/03/14 7:31pm12/03/14 7:31pm

Denver Post Suspends Avalanche Beat Writer For Twitter Meltdown

The Denver Post yesterday announced a two-week unpaid suspension for Avalanche beat writer Adrian Dater, after he blasted a young Kings player for a three-year-old "pussy play," got into a screaming match on Twitter with just about everyone, and slid into a another writer's inbox to tell him to "fuck off." It was… »10/08/14 9:01am10/08/14 9:01am

The Irrepressible Wild Take An All-Time Great Game 7

The Minnesota Wild's frenetic overtime victory was, in some ways, the antithesis of what's supposed to make a Game 7 so remarkable. You think of a Game 7 and you think of the tension. The buttclenching fear that one turnover, one save, one play is going to decide the series. And that suffocating pressure generally… »5/01/14 9:18am5/01/14 9:18am