Cortland Finnegan Retires, Remains In Denial About Time He Got Beat Up

Cortland Finnegan—the long-time Titan cornerback who is better known as the NFL's biggest asshole—took to Instagram today to announce his retirement. In a statement that covers his love of the game, his appreciation at having played, and his excitement about his future, he reveals that is apparently still in denial… »3/11/15 11:51am3/11/15 11:51am


Cortland Finnegan Uses Twitter To Tell The Rams He's Leaving

CB Cortland Finnegan followed Jeff Fisher to the Rams, but in his second season in St. Louis he's been terrible and injured. He's due $6 million next year, and would count for $10 million against the salary cap. Since this is the NFL and contracts mean nothing, the Rams sure as hell weren't going to pay that. So they… »3/05/14 5:05pm3/05/14 5:05pm

Josh Morgan Talked About Not Being Provoked By Cortland Finnegan Before He Let Cortland Finnegan Provoke Him

The Redskins might have had a chance to tie or even beat the Rams had receiver Josh Morgan not drawn a penalty by throwing a football at Cortland Finnegan toward the end of the game. Morgan should have known better, of course. But he also should have taken his own advice. »9/17/12 1:40pm9/17/12 1:40pm