"Iron Mike Coldly Leaves Jim Gray": Your Best Mike Ditka Stories

Last month we ran your best Mike Ditka stories, and at the same time solicited for more. Our readers came through, so here is the second volume of Mike Ditka stories. As always, if you have a story about Mike Ditka—or anybody else—that you think we'd find interesting, you can share it in the comments or send it on… »12/02/14 12:07am12/02/14 12:07am


"He Reeked Of Jim Beam And Slim Jims": Your Best Mike Ditka Stories

Yesterday we posted Andy Richter's telling of Mike Ditka doing "one of the most senselessly arrogant & aggressive things" he'd ever witnessed. It seems that nearly everybody that has ever stepped foot in Chicago has a Mike Ditka story, usually involving cigars, booze, or both. Below are some of our favorites that… »11/06/14 4:36pm11/06/14 4:36pm

Angry Outtakes From Mike Ditka's 1993 SNL Appearance Are Glorious

The Chicago Bears fired legendary coach Mike Ditka on Jan. 5, 1993, Four days later, in Saturday Night Live's cold open, the recurring "Super Fans" characters, famous supporters of "Da Bears," wrote a protest letter to the team, with Ditka himself making a cameo at the end. We've come across footage of him taping that… »6/18/14 1:35pm6/18/14 1:35pm