Everyone Has An Opinion On That 100-0 Girls Baskteball Game

The debate rages: When is it proper to call off the full-court press? Should a losing team be shown mercy? Aren't some kids simply better suited for Theater Arts? » 1/29/09 5:15pm 1/29/09 5:15pm

More Fallout From That 100-0 Girls Basketball Fiasco

So the moral of the story, I guess, is if you're the winners of a 100-0 blowout, your coach gets fired. If you're the losers, you get to meet Diane Sawyer. Seems fair. » 1/26/09 11:30am 1/26/09 11:30am

Principal Of School That Administered 100-0 Beating Offers To Forfeit…

Covenant School, the Texas high school that beat crosstown Dallas Academy 100-0 in a girls basketball game recently, is feeling somewhat remorseful over their little ass-kicking display. » 1/23/09 12:30pm 1/23/09 12:30pm