Dan Snyder Takes To ESPN To Defend Redskins Nickname

OTL sat down with Redskins owner Daniel Snyder and his moist upper lip to discuss the controversy over the team's nickname. His wife, Tanya, was there, too, giving the proceedings the air of one of those "Yes, I have done bad things, Barbara, but now I am here with my family to repent" confessionals on 20/20 or… » 9/03/14 11:34am 9/03/14 11:34am

Wanted: Native Art With Redskins Logo And Colors; Drunks Need Not Apply

Dan Snyder's foundation "to provide meaningful and measurable resources that provide genuine opportunities for Tribal communities," named OAF, is visiting Zuni Pueblo in New Mexico next week. OAF is looking to give the Zuni people a genuine opportunity to sell original artwork with the Redskins logo and… » 8/09/14 10:30am 8/09/14 10:30am

Joe Theismann Shills For Dan Snyder And Redskins Facts Site

As the two-minute warning approached in the first half of the Washington's preseason opener against the Patriots, Kenny Albert casually asked the Joe Theismann muppet with Dan Snyder's hand up its ass what it thought about the name controversy. Strap in, kids, Theismann has done a lot of research on this. » 8/07/14 10:47pm 8/07/14 10:47pm

Univ. Of Minnesota: Vikings Will Help Ban "Redskins" During Nov. 2 Game

The Vikings will play all of their home games at the University of Minnesota this season, while they wait for a new stadium to be built. In week nine, the Vikings will host Washington and the university's president said the school was "working with the Vikings to make every effort to eliminate the use of the… » 8/07/14 1:33am 8/07/14 1:33am

New, "Grassroots" Pro-Redskins Website Is Run By A PR Firm, Of Course

Redskinsfacts.com, which just launched this month, doesn't hide its position on the team's controversial name. It features a revisionist history of the word and the team's appropriation of it, interviews with former players and Native Americans who support its usage, and invites fans to lend their support. » 7/30/14 12:46pm 7/30/14 12:46pm

Report: Arizona Tribe Refused Redskins' "Bribe" To Build Skate Park

As first noticed by Dan Steinberg, a release from a Native advocacy group claims that representatives from Dan Snyder's Original Americans Foundation met with an Arizona tribe yesterday to offer a donation to help build a skate park, an offer that was unreservedly rejected as "bribe money." » 7/17/14 12:37pm 7/17/14 12:37pm

Watch The Anti-Redskins Commercial That Will Run During The NBA Finals

The Yocha Dehe Wintun Nation has bought airtime in seven major cities during halftime of tonight's NBA Finals Game 3 for a one-minute spot criticizing the Redskins team name, and calling for it to be changed. Here's the extended two-minute version of the "Proud to Be" video, produced by the National Congress of… » 6/10/14 9:50am 6/10/14 9:50am

50 Senators Call On NFL To Change Redskins' Name

The Donald Sterling controversy was always either going to overshadow and quiet the debate over the Redskins' team name, or bring it to the forefront. Well, here's the answer: A whopping 50 U.S. senators have signed a letter to Roger Goodell, a letter that minces no words: "It's time for the NFL to endorse a name… » 5/22/14 9:56am 5/22/14 9:56am