Fighters Sue The UFC, Alleging Massive Violations Of Federal Law

A group of mixed martial arts fighters held a press conference today to announce that they had filed an antitrust suit against the UFC, alleging that fighters "are paid a fraction of what they would earn in a competitive marketplace." The suit, filed by fighters Nate Quarry, Cung Le, and Jon Fitch, seeks… » 12/16/14 10:00pm 12/16/14 10:00pm

UFC Welcomes Back Alleged Domestic Abuser Thiago Silva With Open Arms

After UFC light heavyweight Thiago Silva was arrested and charged with attempted murder back in February following a string of incidents that began with him allegedly forcing a gun into his wife's mouth and ended in a confrontation between the fighter and a SWAT team, UFC president Dana White said flatly that Silva… » 9/06/14 5:41pm 9/06/14 5:41pm

UFC Runs Disastrous, Embarrassing Card, Blames Fighters And The Media

On Thursday, UFC 177 was positioned to be a terrible pay-per-view event, just really bad by any objective standard. At the risk of being accused of doing what promoter Dana White calls "the most disgusting fucking despicable thing," I would have discouraged fans from purchasing it, if asked. It was thin from top to… » 8/31/14 12:22pm 8/31/14 12:22pm

The UFC Fucked Up Badly This Weekend, Says The UFC

On Saturday, the UFC held a fight card in Macau, which would in no way be notable if not for the fact that UFC figurehead Dana White, not liking the way judge Howard Hughes scored the first two bouts, actually made him stop judging during the event. Hughes didn't work any more fights for the rest of the evening. » 8/26/14 2:23pm 8/26/14 2:23pm

Jon Jones Trolls The UFC, Fans, The World

Last year, Jon Jones, the best fighter alive, defended his light heavyweight title against Alexander Gustafsson. It was great! The Swede couldn't pull out the win, but he became the only challenger ever to give Jones real trouble. Everyone wanted to see a rematch. » 6/04/14 2:17pm 6/04/14 2:17pm

Dana White Says Some More Ridiculous Things About Georges St-Pierre

UFC president Dana White received plenty of pushback, on this website and elsewhere, when on Saturday he demanded that welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre—who had just finished getting pummeled by Johny Hendricks and was clearly distressed about his own physical and mental well-being after his title fight—abandon… » 11/21/13 10:35am 11/21/13 10:35am

Dana White Is "Beyond Disappointed" That Nick Diaz Tested Positive For…

Disappointed, yes. Surprised? Hardly. Nick Diaz loves him some weed, and the Nevada State Athletic Commission has busted him for it again. In 2007, his amazing gogoplata win over Takanori Gomi in Las Vegas was bumped down to a "No-Contest" after Diaz tested positive for marijuana. Later that year, Diaz told Sherdog… » 2/09/12 7:42pm 2/09/12 7:42pm

UFC President Dana White Compares Anti-SOPA Activists To 9/11 Terrorists

Pledging to "kick the asses" of activists hacking the UFC website to protest the company's support of anti-piracy bill SOPA, Dana White compared the protestors to 9/11 terrorists and threatened "you're gonna get bin Laden'd" in an interview with The Score. » 1/27/12 12:35pm 1/27/12 12:35pm

Why Brain Damage Isn't An Issue In MMA, According To Dana White And UFC…

Interesting little colloquy here by UFC chief Dana White and some of his UFC 140 fighters about brain damage and concussions in MMA. For all its sanguinary appeal and danger, MMA is actually safer than sports like boxing, football, and hockey, at least according to the limited medical studies available. But that… » 12/09/11 2:30pm 12/09/11 2:30pm

Dos Santos Wins, Mainstream Fails To Care

I'd planned to write something about the Cain Velasquez vs. Junior dos Santos fight today. But the fight lasted all of 64 seconds. Gotta feel for anyone who sat through eons of buildup only to make for the suds and miss the action. The UFC's debut on Fox was a flop. A disappointment on a grand scale. A few leg kicks… » 11/14/11 4:30pm 11/14/11 4:30pm

Does The UFC's Fox Deal Mean MMA Has Finally Gone Mainstream?

Oh god. Now we're going to have this idiotic debate again. Sports Business Daily today reported that the UFC has signed a seven or eight year deal to air as many as four events a year on the Fox network. The deal represents "a major push into the mainstream for the UFC." » 8/16/11 5:20pm 8/16/11 5:20pm

Frankie Edgar, Gray Maynard Get Injured And Pull Out Of UFC 130 Right…

Frankie Edgar and Gray Maynard called off their May 28 lightweight championship rematch today after Edgar revealed he had hurt ribs and Maynard said he'd messed up his knee. Far be it from this blogger to question the timing of these injury announcements, but they do come on the same day that the UFC made a rather… » 5/09/11 5:10pm 5/09/11 5:10pm

Dana White Demands A Porn Star On A Leash

Never one for choosing his words to women carefully, Dana White has now taken to Twitter to attack mild-mannered porn queen Jenna Jameson, the sometime significant other of Tito Ortiz: » 4/28/11 6:35pm 4/28/11 6:35pm

Dana White Will Be Your Twitter Buddy, For Just A Few Thousand Dollars

Now, a change of pace: an attention whore who isn't Ines Sainz. If you've got the cash, you can get the UFC President to follow you on Twitter. Only for three months, though. He's a busy man. » 9/16/10 2:45pm 9/16/10 2:45pm

5 Reasons Toney/Couture Won't Settle The Boxing/MMA Debate

Next month at UFC 118, boxer James Toney will take on mixed martial artist Randy Couture, in a bout some are saying will decide which sport is tops. It will decide no such thing. » 7/20/10 12:00pm 7/20/10 12:00pm

UFC President Pretty Excited To See Herschel Walker Fight

Dana White: "Who the f**k are they going to find to fight Herschel Walker? A guy in a wheelchair?..The geniuses over at Showtime are the most arrogant, cocky, pompous jackasses I've ever met." [FanHouse] » 9/24/09 5:30pm 9/24/09 5:30pm

Dana White Promises Scary Russian Man Will Be Next To Fight Brock Lesnar

Messy contractual things have to be finalized but White is determined to have Fedor Emelianenko step in the cage with the angry ex-professional wrestler and controversial UFC heavyweight champion. Emelianenko has disposed of much bigger men before. [Cage Writer] » 7/13/09 2:35pm 7/13/09 2:35pm