Donald Driver Allegedly Had To Restrain Jaleel White When Urkel Went Nuts On Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With The Stars producers who thought they were getting Urkel got a bit more Stefan than they were counting on as Jaleel White allegedly snapped when he stepped on his partner's foot leading to an altercation in which fellow DWTS competitor (and Packers WR) Donald Driver intervened. »4/03/12 10:20pm4/03/12 10:20pm

Metta World Peace's "Stiff Cha-Cha" Doesn't Get Past The First Round Of DWTS

Not content to spend the lockout doing "hasty and shapeless" stand-up comedy, The Dong Texter Formerly Known As Ron Artest has gone one-and-done on "Dancing With The Stars." If you wish, feel free to view his effort here. The Los Angeles Times said his was a "stiff cha-cha" that was simultaneously "buckets o'… »9/21/11 1:20pm9/21/11 1:20pm

Hines Ward, NFL's Dirtiest Player And Dancer, Almost Paralyzed His Tango Partner This Week

Hines Ward unintentionally body-slammed his partner, Kym Johnson, during a rehearsal for the show Dancing With The Stars last week. She suffered a sprained vertebrae and returned for what could only have been an "emotional" and "teary" and "inspiring" performance with Ward — and, having survived a full-on hit from… »5/17/11 2:15pm5/17/11 2:15pm