Sean Avery And Marty Brodeur Are Chirping About Dancing With The Stars

Former bad hockey player Sean Avery participated ever-so-briefly on this season's Dancing With The Stars, getting eliminated after one week. His old nemesis Martin Brodeur had something to say about his performance. So naturally Avery fired right back, and goddamnit here we go again. » 3/27/14 2:06pm 3/27/14 2:06pm

DWTS Wants Erin Andrews to Bring a 'Young Male Following' to the Show

While it was pretty clear that Brooke Burke was unceremoniously fired from her job hosting Dancing with the Stars, a new rumor indicates DWTS producers might have gotten rid of her as part of a dubious plan to target a specific crop of new viewers. » 2/26/14 10:00am 2/26/14 10:00am

Erin Andrews Is Quite Suddenly the New Host of Dancing with the Stars

In a slightly bizarre turn of events, sports reporter Erin Andrews is the new host of Dancing with the Stars, replacing actress Brooke Burke, who was clearly fired. Hmm. » 2/24/14 11:25am 2/24/14 11:25am

Donald Driver Wins Dancing With The Stars, Earns 15-Yard Penalty For…

Green Bay Packers wide receiver Donald Driver became the third football player to win ABC's Dancing With The Stars, cutting a rug with the Cha-Cha-Cha to take the dance show's 14th-season prize. » 5/23/12 12:14am 5/23/12 12:14am

Donald Driver Allegedly Had To Restrain Jaleel White When Urkel Went…

Dancing With The Stars producers who thought they were getting Urkel got a bit more Stefan than they were counting on as Jaleel White allegedly snapped when he stepped on his partner's foot leading to an altercation in which fellow DWTS competitor (and Packers WR) Donald Driver intervened. » 4/03/12 10:20pm 4/03/12 10:20pm

Metta World Peace's "Stiff Cha-Cha" Doesn't Get Past The First Round Of…

Not content to spend the lockout doing "hasty and shapeless" stand-up comedy, The Dong Texter Formerly Known As Ron Artest has gone one-and-done on "Dancing With The Stars." If you wish, feel free to view his effort here. The Los Angeles Times said his was a "stiff cha-cha" that was simultaneously "buckets o'… » 9/21/11 1:20pm 9/21/11 1:20pm

Today In Sad Pittsburgh Headlines

Pittsburgh to honor Ward's 'Dancing' win on Thursday: "The city of Pittsburgh will hold a rally at noon Thursday to honor Hines Ward's victory in ABC-TV's 'Dancing with the Stars' competition." [Post-Gazette] » 6/28/11 12:15pm 6/28/11 12:15pm

Hines Ward, NFL's Dirtiest Player And Dancer, Almost Paralyzed His…

Hines Ward unintentionally body-slammed his partner, Kym Johnson, during a rehearsal for the show Dancing With The Stars last week. She suffered a sprained vertebrae and returned for what could only have been an "emotional" and "teary" and "inspiring" performance with Ward — and, having survived a full-on hit from… » 5/17/11 2:15pm 5/17/11 2:15pm

Hines Ward Is One Of The Stars With Whom People Will Dance

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: Ward on his DWTS chances. » 3/07/11 4:40pm 3/07/11 4:40pm

From Bleacher Report To ProFootballTalk: A Brett Favre Non-Rumor Goes…

We've gotten the emails too: "Bret Favre to join Dancing With The Stars?" We ignored them until PFT posted the rumors early this morning. As fascinating as that would be, the tale of how the rumor made it this far is an even better story. » 2/11/11 11:45am 2/11/11 11:45am

Did You Know Kurt Warner Is On A TV Show Now? Because Kurt Warner Is On…

Every morning, the fine folks at Sports Radio Interviews sift through the a.m. drive-time chatter to bring you the best interviews with coaches, players, and personalities across the sports landscape. Today: retired quarterback Kurt Warner. » 9/23/10 5:15pm 9/23/10 5:15pm

Erin Andrews Has Made It After All

It wasn't that long ago that everyone wondered how Erin Andrews could ever recover from her humiliating and scary stalker episode. Now she's rolling around in lingerie and letting people rave about her ass. Looks like she made it. » 5/25/10 7:15pm 5/25/10 7:15pm

Erin Andrews: "Darrin's Dance Grooves" Superstar

Ten years ago, Darrin Henson was the Tom Emanski of instructional dance videos. He had one enthusiastic pupil, though. Yes, at the :45 mark, the future Sideline Princess was doing her best hard-sell on one of the lamest infomercial videos ever. » 5/10/10 11:15am 5/10/10 11:15am

More Like Chad OchoTANGO! Dancing With The Stars Live Blog

Sandwiched betwixt Opening Day and some type of basketball competition lies grown adults dancing for charity the hell of it. Bravissimo! » 4/05/10 7:55pm 4/05/10 7:55pm

Because It's On! Dancing With The Stars Week 2 Live Blog

Will Erin Andrews dance again with her lower half covered in silly string? Those who follow the live blog might find this out. » 3/29/10 7:55pm 3/29/10 7:55pm

Erin Andrews And Her Dancing With The Stars Dude Are "Maybe" Dating

This is according to Maksim "Maks" Chmerkovskiy, who sarcastically told Bonnie Fuller's website last week that he and the Sideline Princess could be more than just reality show cha cha partners. They do seem cuddly. » 3/27/10 1:05pm 3/27/10 1:05pm

Kurt Warner Joins The Ranks Of White People Walking It Out

A sun-hatted Kurt Warner made an appearance at a charity flag football event and, like Buzz Williams before him, decided to dance to a song no one has liked for several years. Unlike Buzz, he's actually not bad. [Slanch Report] » 3/23/10 12:35pm 3/23/10 12:35pm

Last Night's Winner: Dance! Dance! DANCE!

In sports, everyone is a winner—some people just win better than others. Like ballroom dance enthusiasts who suddenly found a lot of weirdos hanging around them last night. Why are all these pasty dorks cheering the Vienna Waltz? » 3/23/10 9:10am 3/23/10 9:10am

Live Blogging People Dancing With What Some Consider To Be Stars

See this lady? She's involved somehow in tonight's season premiere of DWTS (pronounced "duh-witz"), along with 10 other celebrities. » 3/22/10 7:55pm 3/22/10 7:55pm

Pat Jordan Submits His Spring Break Essays To Us Via Fax

...And the first installment will run tomorrow Wednesday. Mr. Jordan cargo van-slummed it in Daytona Beach for us last week to complete this assignment, so pass it along to friends and colleagues because he'll never do this for us again. » 3/22/10 6:15pm 3/22/10 6:15pm