Former College Football Player Sues NCAA Over Transfer And Scholarship Policies

Devin Pugh played football for Weber State in 2011 and 2012, then, after his coach Ron Mcbride retired, found himself out of a scholarship when the new administration pulled it. Pugh tried to transfer to another Division I school, but had his offers rescinded after he was not granted a transfer waiver from the NCAA… »11/07/15 3:45pm11/07/15 3:45pm

A U.S. Appeals Court Just Did The NCAA A Big Favor

The US Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a lower court’s decision in Ed O’Bannon v. NCAA, which ruled that the NCAA’s larger amateurism rules are in violation of anti-trust laws. The appeals court also, though, vacated a key portion of the lower court’s ruling, and that makes it hard to count this as a victory… »9/30/15 12:39pm9/30/15 12:39pm

SMU Basketball Banned From Postseason, Head Coach Larry Brown Suspended Nine Games

The NCAA just hit the Southern Methodist University men’s basketball program with some heavy sanctions, including a one-year postseason ban, scholarship reductions, vacation of wins, and a nine-game suspension for head coach Larry Brown. This is all happening because an NCAA investigation revealed that a former… »9/29/15 11:50am9/29/15 11:50am

Why Daily Fantasy Is Such A Problem For The NCAA

Of course it makes sense for the NCAA and its major college football conferences to oppose having their athletes participate in Daily Fantasy contests like those hosted by FanDuel or DraftKings. The ten conferences that make up the NCAA’s Football Bowl Division (FBS) are major sports leagues, selling a commercial… »9/24/15 2:16pm9/24/15 2:16pm

America Has Always Wanted To Pretend That Sports Aren't Work

Last month, given the chance to affirm that college athletes have basic labor rights, the National Labor Review Board punted. It’s rare that a sports metaphor so perfectly crafted for lazy headline writers is so fitting, but punting—the most cowardly, spineless, and responsibility-evading decision routinely made in… »9/09/15 2:48pm9/09/15 2:48pm

The NCAA Has Always Paid Players; Now It's Just Harder To Pretend They Don't

Contrary to popular belief, the NCAA has only ever truly enforced a nationwide prohibition on payments to athletes for three years—from 1948 to 1951. Prior to that, there was no NCAA-wide rule on scholarships at all, meaning that the full flowering of the popularity of college football prior to World War II was… »8/29/15 12:25pm8/29/15 12:25pm

Here's The List Of Ridiculous Fines Virginia Tech Football Players Were Subject To

Yesterday, Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster told reporters that he and other coaches had a policy of fining players for things like missing practices or meetings. The reason Foster was ever asked about fines in the first place was that a few beat reporters had noticed a screen in the team facility… »8/27/15 3:49pm8/27/15 3:49pm

Cincinnati Also Wants To Steal Money From Its Football Players

You’d think the wave of shit that came crashing down on Virginia Tech defensive coordinator Bud Foster after he told reporters of his plans to discipline his players with monetary fines, followed by the Hokies AD’s immediate nuking of the asinine idea, would have scared other schools away from trying the same thing.… »8/27/15 11:33am8/27/15 11:33am

Auburn Athletics Convinced The School To Preserve Its Athlete Major

Every university has one: the athlete major, which for various reasons—usually close ties among instructors, tutors, and the athletics department, and occasionally a reputation for easy or downright nonexistent coursework—is disproportionately packed with athletes. At Auburn, it’s public administration, where more… »8/27/15 10:55am8/27/15 10:55am

Asshole College Football Coach Comes Up With New Way To Screw Over His Players

Earlier this year, NCAA member institutions voted to redefine athletic scholarships so that they covered not only the cost of tuition, room and board, books, and fees, but also incidental expenses. Essentially, it gives players a bit of pocket money, which is really the least the NCAA could do considering the strict… »8/26/15 7:58pm8/26/15 7:58pm

What Kain Colter Really Learned At Northwestern

When Kain Colter called for Northwestern football players to unionize in early 2014, he cited his experiences in my class, “Field Studies in the Modern Workplace,” as the turning point in his thinking on the status of NCAA “student-athletes” (or “workers,” depending on one’s interpretation). The idea to establish a… »8/21/15 1:40pm8/21/15 1:40pm

Kain Colter's Union Battle Cost Him More Than He Ever Expected

At 11:30 a.m. Monday morning, lawyers from Northwestern University and the College Athletes Players Association received the call they’d been waiting for since March of last year. The National Labor Relations Board had decided whether or not football players at Northwestern can form a union. It was the news Kain… »8/18/15 3:55pm8/18/15 3:55pm

NLRB Rules That Northwestern Football Players Can't Unionize

The Northwestern football team’s attempt to unionize has reached its end. Today, the National Labor Relations Board overruled a previous decision by NLRB’s Chicago district that gave the players the right to unionize. The national office’s ruling on the issue is final, and the Northwestern football players are left… »8/17/15 1:10pm8/17/15 1:10pm

OTL Report: How College Athletes Avoid Criminal Charges

College athletes at major schools across the country often avoid charges in criminal cases. They have access to high-profile lawyers; the athletic departments play major roles in the investigations; and witnesses are intimidated, indirectly or otherwise, according to an investigative report by ESPN’s Outside the Lines. »6/14/15 11:55am6/14/15 11:55am