Kyle Lowry And DeMar DeRozan: We Are Trash

The Toronto Raptors have hit a bit of a rough patch this month, and the team's struggles have a lot to do with backcourt duo Kyle Lowry and DeMar DeRozan playing like trash. Their words, not mine! » 2/27/15 11:48am 2/27/15 11:48am

Earlier today the Toronto Raptors—who surprisingly have the third best record in the NBA—announced that DeMar DeRozan suffered a "torn left adductor longus tendon" with no timetable for return. Injury blog In Street Clothes explains what that is, and how long DeRozan will likely be out for. [In Street Clothes] » 11/29/14 7:11pm 11/29/14 7:11pm

The West Is OKC's Until Kevin Durant Says Otherwise

In the four weeks since Russell Westbrook's arthroscopic surgery, the Oklahoma City Thunder has fallen from 23-5 (.821) to 33-10 (.767) — that is, the team has racked up half its losses during just 15 games. Westbrook's major stats this season (21.4 points, 6.0 boards, 7.0 assists, 1.8 steals) all topped his career… » 1/23/14 12:07am 1/23/14 12:07am

Jonas Valanciunas Says Summer League Is “Fucked" On Raptors' Website

SportsGrid found this clip on the Toronto Raptors' website before it was taken down. It's DeMar DeRozan "interviewing" teammate Jonas Valanciunas. None of it is serious, except for maybe that answer at the 10-second mark. » 7/17/13 1:26pm 7/17/13 1:26pm

DeMar DeRozan, JaVale McGee Still Very Good At Dunking

DeMar DeRozan and JaVale McGee may be a lot better than most of the players in the Nike Drew League, but it's still nice to see them rising up and throwing down. That's what he's best at. (Epic Vale after the cut.) » 7/14/13 9:44pm 7/14/13 9:44pm

Yes, The Raptors Are Actually Wearing Camouflage Jerseys Wednesday

I know they're tough to make out amongst the lush woods of Downtown Toronto, but that's Jose Calderon and DeMar DeRozan modeling the jerseys the Raptors will don for Wednesday's game against the Bulls. It's Canadian Forces Night, you see. Since 20 percent of any camo jersey sales will go to a military families fund,… » 3/19/12 6:45pm 3/19/12 6:45pm

Here's What The Dunk Contest Looks Like Without The Dumb Props

Raptors guard DeMar DeRozan says he is done competing in any "prop dunk contest" for NBA All-Star weekend. DeRozan finished third in Saturday's contest, and he lost out to Blake Griffin, who dunked over a car with a choir singing R. Kelly in the background, and JaVale McGee, who brought out an extra hoop so he could… » 2/22/11 3:30pm 2/22/11 3:30pm

Super Slo-Mo Dunk Videos Are Actually Quite Beautiful

Credit the NBA for having the most active YouTube channel. But we were taken aback by these hi-res, super slow-motion videos of DeMar DeRozan, Blake Griffin and JaVale McGee in the dunk contest (Serge Ibaka gets hosed again). Set to haunting music, they're simply: art. » 2/22/11 10:45am 2/22/11 10:45am

Blake Griffin Dunks Over A Car, And Other Tales From The Slam Dunk…

The NBA All Star Slam Dunk Contest was tremendously gimmicky this year. Blake Griffin dunked over a car, JaVale McGee dunked two balls at once, Serge Ibaka dunked from the free throw line, and a child actor pretended to lose his toy for the good of a dunk. It was great. » 2/20/11 1:00pm 2/20/11 1:00pm

DeMar Derozan Heads North of the Border, Up Canada Way

9. Toronto Raptors: DeMar Derozan, USC I assume Skeets is happy, because his team landed one of the draft's most enticing players. Derozan can fly and he'll probably put some asses in the seats. » 6/25/09 8:43pm 6/25/09 8:43pm