NFLPA Re-Elects DeMaurice Smith As Executive Director, For Some Reason

The NFL Players Association re-elected incumbent Executive Director DeMaurice Smith early Monday morning. This year's election had swollen to nine candidates, many of whom were ridiculous and under-qualified, but there had been a growing sense that the players were increasingly unhappy with Smith and could make a… »3/16/15 1:49am3/16/15 1:49am


The NFLPA's Election For A New Leader Is A Ridiculous Clown Show

This Sunday, the National Football League Players Association will hold an election for Executive Director, a position held by DeMaurice Smith since being unanimously elected by active player reps in 2009. Including Smith, there are nine candidates for the position, which is about eight more than usual. Most of these… »3/14/15 6:35pm3/14/15 6:35pm

The NFLPA Is Finally Telling The Chargers To Replace Malpracticin' David Chao As Their Team Doctor

The Medical Board of California is trying to revoke David Chao's license after he lost a malpractice suit this past summer, and, after years of evidence that Chao is regularly operates well outside the bounds of best medical practices, the loss of his license might finally be enough to get him removed as the Chargers'… »2/02/13 2:10pm2/02/13 2:10pm

DeMaurice Smith Wants The NFL To Re-Open The Saints Bounty Investigation

In a wonderful bit of passive aggressive sniping, DeMaurice Smith told Pro Football Talk Live he thinks the Saints bounty "investigators let the commissioner down." Smith is not necessarily saying Goodell is a terrible person, just that he made a terrible decision based on faulty evidence. Like Drew Brees said. »6/23/12 3:37pm6/23/12 3:37pm

Union Files Collusion Lawsuit Against NFL, Alleging Secret $123 Million Salary Cap In Uncapped Year

I've never been happier to admit I was wrong. Yesterday, the Redskins and Cowboys dropped their appeals of the NFL's salary cap penalties after being ruled against by rubber-stamp arbitrator Stephen Burbank, and I thought that was the end of it. The bad guys won. But the NFLPA had been saving its secret weapon for… »5/23/12 1:00pm5/23/12 1:00pm