Blake Griffin And Nuggets Coach Mike Malone Got Into It Over "Hack-A-DJ" Strategy

It’s not often we see a coach being held back by his team from going after an opposing player, but things got chippy in the fourth quarter of the Clippers’ 111-94 win in Denver. The scuffle—limited to a verbal one—was sparked by Griffin’s displeasure with the Nuggets’ “Hack-A-DJ” strategy, and damned if intentionally… »Wednesday 8:53am11/25/15 8:53am


Jusuf Nurkic Picked Up The Best, Most Disrespectful Technical Possible

Usually Nuggets rookie Jusuf Nurkic is being conventionally disrespectful, talking shit to Marc Gasol after swatting his shot or taunting DeMarcus Cousins all the way down the court after hitting a jumper in his face. But tonight he stepped up his subtle goon game by softly dropping the ball into Markieff Morris's… »2/26/15 12:34am2/26/15 12:34am

The Denver Nuggets Are A Burning Clown Car Plunging Into A Gorge

The Denver Nuggets have lost 10 of their last 11 games; last night, they trailed the putrid 76ers by as many as 28 points before cobbling together enough dignity to make the final score look competitive. They're 19-30 at the moment, 11th in the stacked West, and 8.5 games out of the final playoff spot, and that might… »2/04/15 12:08pm2/04/15 12:08pm

I Can't Stop Watching John Wall Chop The Nuggets With This Slick Pass

John Wall was at his very best last night in Denver: hanging 19 points and 16 assists on the Nuggets, snatching the endgame away with a flurry of buckets and assists, doing that John Wall thing where the court and the basket and all the players start to seem like a big circuitboard and the ball is just a signal… »1/26/15 11:59am1/26/15 11:59am

Kenneth Faried's Dunk Revealed The Demon Living Inside Nate Robinson

Kenneth Faried threw down a dunk during last night's game between the Nuggets and Bulls. It was a fine dunk, but backup point guard Nate Robinson thought it was a really great dunk, so much so that he briefly lost his wits while celebrating and revealed the dark spirit that is twisted around his eternal soul. Maybe… »11/26/14 12:17pm11/26/14 12:17pm