Dikembe Mutombo Fakes Out Nuggets Mascot, Issues Iconic Finger-Wag

Nuggets mascot Rocky (last seen here unconscious) and Dikembe Mutombo (last seen here caught up in a gold scheme) teamed up for a bit of fun tonight in Denver during the team's recognition of Mutombo's career in the Mile High City. » 3/18/14 1:02am 3/18/14 1:02am

Gerald Green Hammers A Lob On Kenneth Faried's Head

Without Kenneth Faried's defensive effort, the degree of difficulty on this alley-oop would not have been nearly as high as it is, so we thank him for doing his part to create a great NBA highlight. But, man, Faried should probably stop jumping near former slam dunk contest winners. » 2/19/14 9:26am 2/19/14 9:26am

Randy Foye Buzzer-Beater Sends Color Man Into Song

Here's a feather in your cap, Denver! The Nuggets came back to beat the L.A. Clippers on a deep, three-point buzzer-beater. Matt barnes actually put the Clippers up two on a three-pointer of his own with 6.2 seconds left, but Randy Foye ended it with this dagger which sent Scott Hastings into a Foye-inspired version… » 2/03/14 11:58pm 2/03/14 11:58pm

JaVale McGee Just Created Two Of The Best NBA Highlights Of The Season

Our old buddy Pierre just posted both of the clips below to his Instagram account, and I cannot stop laughing at them for reasons I can't completely explain. Maybe it's the music, maybe it's the slo-mo, or maybe it's just because I'm desperate for things to laugh at now that I've been robbed of JaVale's on-court… » 1/07/14 6:05pm 1/07/14 6:05pm

This Is The Worst Offensive Possession Of The NBA Season

Did you watch the Nuggets-Wizards game last night? I sure hope you didn't, because that game suuuuuucked. It was a game that featured a final score of 75-74, a combined 44 turnovers, and ended with the Wizards blowing four straight chances at a game-winning shot. But perhaps no play captures the full magnitude of suck … » 12/10/13 10:10am 12/10/13 10:10am

J.J. Hickson Submits An Early Candidate For Dunk Of The Year

No one will blame you for not watching last night's Nuggets-Jazz game, as neither team has done much more than depress the hell out of their respective fan bases this year. But you are not allowed to go through life being unaware of this J.J. Hickson dunk, which turned poor Marvin Williams into a chalk outline. » 11/12/13 9:25am 11/12/13 9:25am

Where's Your Team Scoring From? An Early Look At NBA Distance Shooting

Although we're just a few games into the season, the shooting strategies of different squads have started to come into focus. A lot of teams—like the Warriors—continue to put more and more emphasis on three-point shots, while other teams—like the Rockets—have made a push towards getting more looks in the paint. Even… » 11/07/13 4:06pm 11/07/13 4:06pm

Allen Iverson Finally Obeys Laws Of Nature, Officially Retires

Allen Iverson made his retirement official today, even though it's hard to know how, exactly, to define such a thing for him. Iverson, now 38, was never a professional basketball player so much as he was, foremost, an object in motion, tending always to stay in motion. If Iverson can be said to retire, then a meteorite … » 10/30/13 9:54pm 10/30/13 9:54pm