At Least Cleveland Still Has Great Beer

The mayor of Boston went on CNN this morning to talk about a snowstorm that hadn't begun yet. That is insane. I realize part of my reaction is based on being old enough to remember when CNN trafficked in weightier matters than weather porn and celebrity gossip, and I also concede that the storm heading this way seems… » 1/26/15 4:00pm Monday 4:00pm

This Awful Beer Is Great, Because Context Matters

Yesterday I fucked off work around two in the afternoon, which is to say about an hour after I finally fucked back onto work for the first time since last Thursday. I'd sincerely intended to bravely struggle through a full afternoon of hiding behind my keyboard, but then I got a text from one of my favorite recently… » 1/21/15 4:00pm 1/21/15 4:00pm

A Belgian Beer From Quebec, Perfect For The End Of The World

This marks the first year in at least the past 10 that I have not resolved to learn even the basics of a foreign language. My monolinguism is deplorable, considering that I aim to communicate for a living and have had plenty of opportunity to learn other tongues over the years. But I've never made any real progress,… » 1/15/15 1:08pm 1/15/15 1:08pm

Hating Sierra Nevada Pale Ale Is For Suckers

One of the only things I dislike about writing this column is that no matter the topic of the day—be it my wife, my cat, the sports teams I root for, or even, on a slow day for me personally, beer—one of you hamless eggers is guaranteed to find a way to tell me that my position is invalid because I've failed to… » 1/12/15 3:41pm 1/12/15 3:41pm

An Ungodly Monster Of A Stout From Colorado

Last week I told all you big, dirty motherfuckers that we were getting off the imperial stouts for a few. You know, get our heads together, our resolutions set in stone, our children's names remembered, the whole deal. Ha. Check it out: I lied. People who write about beer for half a living will do that. Today we're… » 1/09/15 2:19pm 1/09/15 2:19pm

Here's A Fine Canadian Beer That Isn't One Of The Obvious Ones

Yesterday a reader suggested that we pump out a "Canadian Beers, Ranked" post, which is a good idea long overdue. Part of the reason we haven't done one yet is good old classic American sloth, and the other part is that, regarding the macro category at least, I can't imagine ranking anything No. 1. Those wily and… » 1/08/15 3:52pm 1/08/15 3:52pm

This Is Drunkspin's Favorite Beer Of All Time

You know those brave freedom fighters who were going to finally quit watching football this year on account of all the crimes and all the punishments, the concussions and the corruption, the whole filthy package? I was one of them for a few courageous weeks, but then my favorite team finally got good again, and now lo… » 1/07/15 2:54pm 1/07/15 2:54pm

Good News, Fat-Ass: Here's Another Great Imperial Stout

Do you guys use Untappd? It's a combination social-media platform and beer-measuring contest wherein you and your friends brag about all the dope shit you drink. That part's pretty fun, or at least pretty harmless—it would lean more fully toward the fun part if I'd even heard of the super-rare stuff you all seem to… » 12/26/14 1:14pm 12/26/14 1:14pm

A Perfectly Festive Barrel-Aged Sour Ale

Christmas is a weird time for a boozer. I realize everyone's circumstances are different—profoundly different if you have kids of an age that requires them to be catered to in a Santa-type fashion—but even if you are religiously or culturally uninterested in the actual holiday, you probably have a day or two off work… » 12/24/14 10:21am 12/24/14 10:21am

Here's Drunkspin's 2014 Lager Of The Year

Last week, I told you Ale Asylum is the best brewery in Wisconsin, which is pretty rich when you consider that I've spent a grand total of four days in that state, during which time I didn't talk to any locals, venture a mile from my hotel, or try many of the state's most acclaimed beers. But I still feel okay about… » 12/23/14 3:46pm 12/23/14 3:46pm

Here's A Strong Ale That Tastes Like Cookies And Weed

Now that I've got a gift guide out of the way and a best-of list mostly under control, it's time to shift focus to the final installment of the lazy blogger's year-end trilogy: the resolutions post. I haven't made much progress on that one yet, but I do know that "Stop caring about dumb names and marketing plans"… » 12/22/14 3:59pm 12/22/14 3:59pm

How To Make Eggnog, The Festive Holiday Booze-Shake

In the abstract, the notion that some people don't want to drink eggnog makes sense: diabetics, say, or the lactose-intolerant or egg-allergic, or those principled self-denying oddballs who prefer not to replace their entire body mass gradually with dietary fat and cholesterol until they resemble nothing so much as… » 12/20/14 1:51pm 12/20/14 1:51pm

A Great Beer For People With Fake Christmas Trees

When you're a kid or an idiot, you lack the experience and imagination necessary to realize that there's more than one way to skin a cat or detail a hot dog. That's why so many young folk and dumb folk get so exercised when they see someone skinning a cat tail-first or putting ketchup on a hot dog. » 12/19/14 2:20pm 12/19/14 2:20pm

The Drunkspin 2014 Holiday Gift Guide

Are you wondering what to get the beloved boozebags in your life? I bet you're not, right? You're just going to give them all bottles of randomly selected $30 brown liquor, or maybe those stupid little chocolates stuffed with a quarter-squirt of skanky schnapps, or the first gin-and-martini-glasses boxed set you see… » 12/19/14 1:40pm 12/19/14 1:40pm

Holiday Gift Guide: For Your Generous Party Host

One of the best things you can give to a friend who has invited you into his or her home for the holidays is something good to drink. But telling you to buy a bottle of booze would make for a pretty boring, if practical, Gift Guide. (If you do buy a bottle of booze, be a love and wrap it nicely?) » 12/19/14 9:59am 12/19/14 9:59am