19 Fake Craft Beers Inspired By The Simpsons, Ranked

The craft beer industry is facing two significant problems. First off, they’re running out of names for their artisanal ales. Secondly, it’s an industry with a troubling dearth of gratuitous Simpsons references (full credit to Evil Genius for theirs). Combine these two predicaments, and you have one perfectly… » 8/19/15 1:06pm 8/19/15 1:06pm

Hark! An Underrated IPA

Last Thursday was declared IPA Day by whichever marketing monkey’s turn it was to throw that particular dart, which means the Beer Internet got to pick one of two storylines: We could either complain (“Jesus, man, every day is IPA Day, why not promote some lesser-known styles?”) or exult (“Every day is IPA Day at my… » 8/11/15 3:43pm 8/11/15 3:43pm

Beer Smackdown! Samuel Adams Boston Lager Vs. Brooklyn Lager

When a husky, bearded American tells you he likes craft beer, he is most likely referring to craft ale. While high-end lager has recently started to make modest inroads (particularly pilsner), the good-beer renaissance of the past three decades has revolved almost exclusively around ales. » 7/22/15 3:01pm 7/22/15 3:01pm

This Hard Cider Is The Best Summertime Bourbon Mixer

On Monday, one of my favorite beer writers, Jason Notte of Marketwatch, told us to drink more fruit beer. He is a wise man, and that is generally sound advice. However! What if you’ve been drinking too much fruit beer lately? What if you’ve had the good sense to overdose on, say, 21st Amendment’s Hell or High… » 7/14/15 3:40pm 7/14/15 3:40pm

21 Session IPAs, Ranked

Craft-beer enthusiasts like to argue, complain, and explain. I wonder if there’s any demographic commonality behind this exhausting pattern of behavior. Someone should look into whether perhaps a lot of them have graduate degrees, alcohol problems, and pale-colored penises, for instance. Or maybe they all like lasagna… » 7/08/15 1:29pm 7/08/15 1:29pm

11 Good Things About Budweiser

Handsome and tasteful beer aficionados like ourselves rarely have nice things to say about Budweiser, for the very good reason that it sucks. However! Even sucky beer is pretty good. (Unless you’re talking about Heineken, and why would you?) Plus, qualitative sins of the flagship product aside, Anheuser-Busch has made… » 7/02/15 1:08pm 7/02/15 1:08pm

Let's Make Some Kick-Ass Sangria!

Sangria is like summer itself: always good, but rarely as great as it could be. Due to their respective built-in advantages of cold, fruity alcohol and relative proximity to the sun, sangria and summer are tough to fuck up. But these same inherent strengths can lull us into a laziness that prevents us from maximizing… » 6/26/15 2:44pm 6/26/15 2:44pm

Rescuing a Red-Headed Step-Beer

Good afternoon, my fellow beer appreciators! Did you nap well? Do you remember what happened this morning? Ah, let’s not speak of it. Let’s instead hark back to the brighter times of 2013, when it looked for a brief period like American amber ale was about to have an extended Moment. If I remember correctly—and there… » 6/25/15 4:40pm 6/25/15 4:40pm

A Summer Beer Trend Worth Chasing

We here at Deadspin are not a trendy lot. We prefer to honor the timeless beauty of the classics instead of mindlessly following this or that faulty prophet with his new hop-bursting techniques or euphemisms for “replacing half of your beer with powdered lemonade.” Plus, we don’t always learn so good, which makes it… » 6/23/15 3:40pm 6/23/15 3:40pm

A Healthy Way To Build A Hangover

We here at Drunkspin freely concede that beer is the very best goddamn thing in the world, better than gin, softball, and naps combined. Yet for as much as we love beer, we sometimes fail to lead the cheers loudly enough to satisfy the sunnier members of the Craft Beer Movement™, who take exception to our occasionally… » 6/22/15 5:16pm 6/22/15 5:16pm

This Is The Best Imported Beer

This morning, while combing through the Drunkspin archives to see how many times I’ve said “mouthfeel” so as to determine how many pushups I owe the Non-Creepy Food and Drink Bloggers Guild, I realized that we’ve covered perilously few foreign beers here. And we’ve said shitty things about most of the handful we have… » 6/19/15 5:29pm 6/19/15 5:29pm

Whiskey Smackdown: Fireball Vs. Jack Daniel's Tennessee Fire

How do you know when you’ve really made it in life? It depends on who you are and what racket you’re in. For charming chumps like us, success could mean dental insurance, a bed that doesn’t fold in half, or an honorably discharged student loan. For those of loftier falutions, arrival in the big leagues might be marked… » 6/19/15 3:02pm 6/19/15 3:02pm

IPA Is Still The King Of Beers

In these fractious times, when we can’t even agree on what constitutes a sandwich (hot dogs are not sandwiches, because if you ate three sandwiches in one sitting, all existing and several future generations of your family would disown you on the spot, you gross monster) or who the MVP of the NBA Finals should’ve been… » 6/17/15 4:33pm 6/17/15 4:33pm

Whatever Happened To Michelob?

We here at Drunkspin are not a prideful lot. Despite all the luxuries and laundry money that attend our unrivaled position as the sports-site beer blog you happen to be reading at this particular moment, we still microwave our lunches one burrito at a time, same as the next blogger. Our one enduring source of pride,… » 6/16/15 4:59pm 6/16/15 4:59pm

Wheat Beers Can Be Awesome

For a variety of reasons both valid and otherwise, wheat beers don’t always get a ton of respect or even attention from the Craft Beer Movement’s™ leading blowhards, cheerleaders, and listiclers. The category’s association with the high-end Anheuser-Busch InBev and MillerCoors brands are likely its gravest sins:… » 6/15/15 4:56pm 6/15/15 4:56pm

This Crazy-Ass New Beer Proves That India Pale Ale Will Never Die

Are you one of the weirdoes, poseurs, or stout-humpers who claims to be tired of India pale ale? If so, congratulations on being cool and condolences on being screwed, because IPAs are never going away. According to data released yesterday by Brewbound, America’s most popular craft-beer category still outsells the… » 6/12/15 3:11pm 6/12/15 3:11pm

Here's Our Favorite New Low-Alcohol Beer

Earlier this week, an employee of Colorado’s Caution Brewing Company threw his job to the wind via an angry and profane letter to Evil Twin Brewing in which he chastised the Brooklyn-based contract brewer for their high prices. Evil Twin posted the letter on their Facebook page, prompting Caution’s head brewer to … » 6/11/15 4:11pm 6/11/15 4:11pm

A Fantastic One-Hop IPA, No Matter Who Actually Brewed It

Remember how disappointing it was to realize celebrity chefs rarely cook much of anything, and certainly never touch your insignificant speck of a dinner, even if their name is on the sign out front? It took me a long time to accept that just as Santa Claus can’t fly Legos to all the world’s decent little children in… » 6/10/15 4:40pm 6/10/15 4:40pm

12 IPAs For People Who Hate IPAs

As we all know, stouts are the best beers. But with temperatures rising, you may find that your local breweries have fewer on tap, your local liquor stores have fewer in stock, and your loved ones may look at you a little funny when, after mowing the lawn in triple-digit temperatures, you try to cool yourself down by… » 6/09/15 5:25pm 6/09/15 5:25pm