ESPN: We Don't Want No Trouble

ESPN's new comment section, ESPN Conversation, has been an endless source of entertainment for us, and you as well, we suspect. Specifically the Featured Comment on their home page, which is possibly the blandest thing on the planet. In fact, I doubt that ESPN commenters are even human: Their comments are generated by… » 10/19/07 2:50pm 10/19/07 2:50pm

Deadspin HOF Nominee: February 1, 2007

We didn't actually notice what was going on at first; we were at the gym, and we made it back to our desk, there were countless emails: You have to check out what's happening on Simmons' column page. The one-time experiment with Simmons' "conversation" — he hasn't had comments on a column since then, though the rest of… » 8/24/07 1:05pm 8/24/07 1:05pm

No More "Conversation" On Page 2

As many of you noticed yesterday, our friends at have discontinued ESPN Conversation on its Page 2 columns. They're calling it the end of the "Beta" testing, though we're not sure how much sense that makes: Why would you test something on the most easily-commented upon stories just to push it off to the "news… » 2/16/07 10:30am 2/16/07 10:30am