ESPN's Ratings Are Way Down This Year. What's The Matter In Bristol?

ESPN may have grown into an unbeatable Goliath, as its executives spent the year telling any reporter who'd stand still long enough, but maybe the stretch marks are beginning to show. ESPN laid off hundreds two months ago, and in August it will face new competition in the form of Fox Sports 1, a network that has… »7/09/13 5:22pm7/09/13 5:22pm

ESPN Loses Its Mind: What Howie Schwab Meant To Bristol

Information was sacred to Howie Schwab, the longtime researcher and producer who was laid off by ESPN on Wednesday. "Not knowledge," as the critic Lee Siegel once clarified. "Information." Siegel was writing about Stump the Schwab, the game show that made Schwab an unlikely half-celebrity, but it'll work here as an… »6/18/13 3:35pm6/18/13 3:35pm

Gary Hoenig, A Founding Editor Of ESPN The Mag, Has Been Laid Off

The first-ever hire at ESPN The Magazine, Gary Hoenig, has been laid off, three sources tell me. Hoenig was the executive editor at the magazine in 1998, and was promoted to editor-in-chief in 2003. He's been the GM and editorial director of ESPN's publishing division for the last five years. Hoenig is the biggest… »6/12/13 8:10pm6/12/13 8:10pm

John Skipper writes this morning: "While I am very confident in the strength of our overall pos

John Skipper writes this morning: "While I am very confident in the strength of our overall position, our industry is changing and it is critically important that we use our resources to best support our continued growth." More job cuts are coming to ESPN today. [Bristol Today] »6/12/13 9:25am6/12/13 9:25am

Ex-ESPNer: Did Network Cut 300-400 Jobs To Pay For SportsCenter Set?

A recently laid-off ESPN source gave us more details about the ESPN job cuts, the first significant staff reduction in four years. First off, it appears these layoffs will stretch over several weeks. There will be more technology and creative services layoffs today. Layoffs in production are coming in a few weeks;… »5/22/13 1:47pm5/22/13 1:47pm