And It's Erin Calipari To The Rescue Again...

The amusing fake John Calipari Facebook page that was accumulating many gullible Kentucky "friends" at an alarming rate is finished. And only one person could stop this devious fake Calipari from perpetrating anymore dupes upon an unsuspecting Wildcat nation. » 6/24/09 7:00pm 6/24/09 7:00pm

Fake John Calipari Is Terrorizing Facebook...And Other Things Of Note

Yes, fake Facebooks/Twitterers are everywhere and the joke is extremely stale, but that won't prevent hundreds of Wildcat rubes from believing a John Calipari impostor is the actual John Calipari engaging them in jovial and revealing conversation. Oh Kentucky. » 6/23/09 7:43pm 6/23/09 7:43pm