"Man In Purple Sombrero" Arrested After Massive Brawl Outside Vikings-Packers Game

Green Bay cops are doing that thing where they won't officially say whether a fight involving 20-30 people outside Lambeau Field, which saw two arrested and one man hospitalized, had anything to do with the football game. I think we can probably read between the lines, though. » 12/03/12 10:25am 12/03/12 10:25am

Today's "Soccer Fans Are Crazy" Video: Argentine Supporters Brutally Beat Stewards

Yesterday was the Superclásico, the big showdown between Buenos Aires sides River Plate and Boca Juniors. As is customary for this derby, there were scores of injuries reported—most of them among stewards in the visiting Boca Juniors' stand. The actions captured in this video, I will never understand—fans savagely… » 10/29/12 2:00pm 10/29/12 2:00pm

After Riot, Egyptian Soccer Will Resume—In Empty Stadiums

Two weeks after a politically charged riot at a game in Port Said resulted in 74 deaths, Egyptian soccer's interim chairman says the Egyptian Premier League will resume play once their investigation is completed. When they do come back, matches will initially be played in empty stadiums until the country has a stable… » 2/16/12 2:55pm 2/16/12 2:55pm

The Two Cops Who Beat Up A Maryland Student Last Year Have Been Indicted

The PG County mounties who went berserk on a Maryland student celebrating his basketball team's win over Duke last year have been charged with felony assault. Took long enough. This episode made national news and even featured an attempted cover-up, when campus surveillance video of the beating went missing. As it… » 9/21/11 1:05pm 9/21/11 1:05pm

Confused Old Man On A Rascal Tries To Run Over Referee

A lively old man on a Rascal (also known as a wheelchair, mobility scooter, or Jazzy, depending on your local parlance) nearly took out a referee in a game between FC Oss and Almere City in the Netherlands on Friday night. Edwin van der Graaf reportedly handed out six yellow cards to Oss, the home squad, which… » 8/24/11 7:15pm 8/24/11 7:15pm

Cops, 49ers Will Work To Make Fans Less Drunk After Especially Drunken Raiders-49ers Game

The annual drunk brawl between 49ers and Raiders fans took place this past weekend, and it was, historically speaking, more drunk and brawl-y than usual. In what essentially amounts to a timeout for grown-ups, both teams have requested that the NFL "indefinitely suspend" the annual preseason "Battle of the Bay" so… » 8/23/11 3:45pm 8/23/11 3:45pm

The Shootings At Candlestick Park Happened Because The NFL Doesn't Have An 18-Game Schedule, You See

Via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee: "'I think when you have a preseason game, when you don't have your regular-season ticket holders coming to the game, I think that plays a big factor into it,' 49ers president Jed York said. He said that's another reason why the NFL wants to eliminate some preseason games in… » 8/22/11 1:00pm 8/22/11 1:00pm