Replacement Ref Who Blew Packers-Seahawks Was Mostly Concerned With Looking Decisive

The Golden Tate hail mary Monday Night clusterfuck was one of the all-time national NFL stories, but everyone moved on fairly quickly. The regular referees came back next week, the standings weren't permanently affected (though the loss gave the 49ers home field against Green Bay in the playoffs), and one of the most… »3/04/13 3:45pm3/04/13 3:45pm


The Scab Who Blew The Seattle Touchdown Call Now Wants To Get Paid For Interviews

You remember Lance Easley, yes? Side judge who signaled "touchdown, Seattle," overruling his colleague and singlehandedly becoming the biggest reason the lockout ended when it did. It's not often someone gets famous for being bad at his job, but if Lance Easley is going to be bad at his job, he might as well try to… »9/28/12 4:45pm9/28/12 4:45pm

Seahawks Truthers Continue To Insist Golden Tate Caught That Touchdown

Everyone still refers to Seattle's game-winning touchdown as "controversial," but that's a misnomer. It's actually one of the least controversial plays out there, one that everyone from sports writers to casual fans agree should have been an interception. This is only a slight simplification, but the call on the field… »9/27/12 11:15am9/27/12 11:15am

Tonight's South Park Featured Tom Brady And Peyton Manning In Taking On Concussions And Replacement Refs

On the night we learned replacement officials are finally getting the heave-ho, Trey Parker and Matt Stone sent up Monday night's disgrace in Seattle alongside the brain injury debate in an NFL-themed South Park that also featured Tom Brady drinking semen and a mockery of Cee-Lo's shitty new NFL Network theme. »9/26/12 11:36pm9/26/12 11:36pm

Official Who Signaled Seahawks Touchdown Was Deemed Not Ready For Division I Football This Summer

To clear things up: Yes, the owners are wholly responsible for the lockout. But we identify and delve into the backgrounds of the replacement refs not to be mean, but for two legitimate reasons. First, they're scabs, and without them crossing the picket line, the lockout would have been over months ago. And second,… »9/26/12 9:35am9/26/12 9:35am

Packers Lineman Josh Sitton Is More Upset With Pete Carroll And Golden Tate Than He Is The Replacement Officials

Green Bay Packers guard Josh Sitton, whose angry postgame tweets made him an Internet superstar (and quadrupled his follower count overnight), appeared on The Jim Rome Show today and remarked that while replacement officials "have no idea what they're doing" and stated he'd go on strike if it was possible, he… »9/25/12 1:55pm9/25/12 1:55pm