The Lights Go Out On Dunk City: Remembering A Departed FGCU With A Highlight Reel Of All 25 Of Their Postseason Dunks

On Monday, we brought you this video of every FGCU postseason dunk. Tonight, we say goodbye to the Eagles by updating it with the ones they threw down in tonight's loss to Florida. (We also added two from the SDSU game that got edited out of the previous version.) »3/29/13 11:39pm3/29/13 11:39pm

There's More To Dunk City Than Dunks: How FGCU's Offense Works

Florida Gulf Coast is this year's mid-major darling. The Eagles have upended the tournament, ruined your bracket, and sent Georgetown and San Diego State packing. They've advanced further than any 15-seed in the Dance's history, and they've done so with an offense that's hardly stretched its legs so far: Head coach… »3/29/13 3:45pm3/29/13 3:45pm

Thanks To The FGCU Basketball Team, Fort Myers Is Officially Dunk City

The picture above is a screencap from the official website of Fort Myers, Fla., the city that is home to everyone's favorite NCAA tournament team. As you can see in the top left corner, the city is celebrating the Florida Gulf Coast Eagles' Sweet 16 bid by officially branding itself as Dunk City for the remainder of… »3/25/13 2:45pm3/25/13 2:45pm

This Monster Truck Driving Beauty Queen Is Florida Gulf Coast's Most Awesome Alumna

All the buzz in the world of "sports" is 15th seed Florida Gulf Coast University making it to the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA Tournament, the first 15th seed to do so. It's this month's sports feel good story. And who is FGCU's most famous graduate? According to Wikipedia it might be former beauty queen AND a monster… »3/25/13 9:52am3/25/13 9:52am

DUNK CITY: Here Are All Of FGCU's Postseason Slams, Compiled For Your Viewing Pleasure

FGCU performed the impossible, defeating San Diego State last night to earn the first-ever Sweet 16 trip for a 15-seed. They did it with top-notch coaching, execution, and devastating slam dunks. Here's all of Florida Gulf Coast's postseason dunks, starting with their Atlantic Sun quarterfinal against North Florida. »3/25/13 1:30am3/25/13 1:30am

Those Plucky FGCU Basketball Players Live On An Actual Beach

You may think "Hollywood Upstairs Medical College" or "Ponzi scheme" when you hear "Florida Gulf Coast University," but that's not fair: FGCU—which looks like what you see above—is very much a real place, with documented students, and classes, and dorms and stuff. Indeed, that picture, provided by Chase Fieler (this… »3/23/13 11:00am3/23/13 11:00am