Butler Coach Brad Stevens Is Still Too Boyish To Look Anything But Ridiculous When Complaining To Refs

Brad Stevens has managed the inconceivable feat of taking the Butler Bulldogs to the NCAA tournament final two consecutive years. He has not, as of yet, managed to advance his appearance past that of "awkward high schooler" and it's long taken away from the credibility of his attempts to yell at anyone. (He's 35.) … »1/29/12 2:00pm1/29/12 2:00pm

Drayton Florence Saved The Best For Last In Earning NFL Flop Of The Season Honors

Bills cornerback Drayton Florence has made a career out of his tough-guy image (just ask Mark Sanchez) but the stunt he pulled Sunday against the New England Patriots puts him firmly in Italian soccer star territory. It was less a flop or dive and more of a hurl—a leaping, falling charade of nonsense worthy of being… »1/02/12 8:30am1/02/12 8:30am