ESPN's George Bodenheimer Summons The Gods, And Other Tales Of Whoring

NEAR RUSTENBURG / DURBAN, South Africa — Our friends at ESPN treat the World Cup like a luxury safari. A few days ago, I got to see how their leaders rough it. The occasion was a braai, a South African barbecue. But not your typical braai. Think wine and white tablecloth. » 6/17/10 11:30am 6/17/10 11:30am

From The Desk Of George Bodenheimer: "Class, Dignity And Integrity"

Hey, look! It's another memo from ESPN President George Bodenheimer! And today he wants to tell his employees about all the exciting things his company is doing to slow its steady transformation into Connecticut's answer to Gomorrah. » 11/20/09 1:00pm 11/20/09 1:00pm

Bodenheimer's "Quit Snitchin'" Memo To ESPN Employees Gets Snitched

As noted yesterday, ESPN President George Bodenheimer took up his quill on Friday and expressed "disgust" at company leaks that enable "destructive" and "unwanted" publicity and that could occasion the leaker's "immediate termination." His memo was then leaked to us. » 10/27/09 5:00pm 10/27/09 5:00pm

George Bodenheimer Requests That ESPN Employees Stop Telling The Media…

Last week, prompted by the stories coming out about his company, ESPN President George Bodenheimer posted a memo to the in-house intranet outlining — and strongly reiterating — the rules about talking to the media. » 10/26/09 2:20pm 10/26/09 2:20pm

Yanks On Top Again, All Right With The World

Because no one reads the newspaper, and SportsCenter's anchors are too perky for this early in the morning, Deadspin combs the best of the broadsheets and the blogosphere to bring you everything you need to know to start your day. » 8/07/09 6:30am 8/07/09 6:30am

ESPN Employees Will Pitch In To Help

Last week we showed ESPN president George Bodenheimer's gloomy report about the state of the WWL, which detailed the many changes needed in order for the company to continue making jizzillions of dollars. » 2/05/09 12:45pm 2/05/09 12:45pm

The Last Days Of ESPN2

See that logo right there? Cute, isn't it? Sure is: ESPN2, all grown up from espn2, back in the days when Keith Olbermann wore skinny ties and anchors weren't afraid to toss in a "dude" or "rad" from time to time. » 2/01/07 3:15pm 2/01/07 3:15pm

ESPN Rewards Its Employees With A Small Beverage

Monday's "Monday Night Football" game between the Dallas Cowboys and the New York Giants, perhaps because of the possible midfield suicide of Terrell Owens, scored a 12.8 Neilsen rating, the highest cable television rating in history. This is a cause for celebration in Bristol, obviously, but we had no idea just how… » 10/25/06 1:45pm 10/25/06 1:45pm

Celebrating The True Romance Of Mike Golic

You might have been cynical about the "Mike and Mike Marriage Madness" last Friday — which was "tastefully Gator," in the words of the groom — but that's because you're cold-hearted and don't believe in the "special company [ESPN] has created and nurtured every day." Soulless bastards. » 5/30/06 1:45pm 5/30/06 1:45pm

The Future? The Future Is You, Buying Our Phones

This morning, in the Conde Nast building in New York City — known around here as "the place where your soul goes to die" — ESPN alpha dog George Bodenheimer, NBA commissioner David Stern and Sports Illustrated managing editor Terry McDonell spoke with The New Yorker's Ken Auletta about "The Electronic Future Of… » 2/07/06 3:45pm 2/07/06 3:45pm

ESPN Proceeding With World Domination Plans

Big huge story in Business Week this week looking at the challenges facing ESPN Networks and ABC Sports president George Bodenheimer as the network looks for more opportunities to grow. (Because that's what ESPN needs: To be bigger.) The story is a fascinating look at a company — and a leader — that tries to put a… » 10/07/05 2:00pm 10/07/05 2:00pm