Suns Make Four-Fingered Foam Hands To Honor Gerald Green

Let me start by saying I had no idea that Suns swingman Gerald Green only has nine fingers. I feel ashamed to admit this, because I love Gerald Green! » 1/12/15 4:39pm 1/12/15 4:39pm

Gerald Green Throws Off-The-Backboard Alley-Oop To Himself, In Traffic

Gerald Green has established himself as the new era's human highlight reel, and tonight against the Magic he performed yet another of his miraculous stunts: an alley-oop, off the glass, to himself in the half-court offense. (This is more an indictment of the Magic than a celebration of Green's skills, but it's still… » 11/30/14 8:59pm 11/30/14 8:59pm

Gerald Green Dunked The Lakers Back Into Their Mausoleum

The shit-ass Lakers are now 0-5 after dropping a home game to the not-shit-ass Phoenix Suns last night. While Kobe Bryant was out there racking up 39 points on 37 (37! Thirty-seven!) shots, Suns swingman and dunk specialist Gerald Green was yamming on the Lakers without mercy. » 11/05/14 9:39am 11/05/14 9:39am

Gerald Green's 41-Point Game Gets The NBA Jam Treatment

We like Gerald Green, because when his jumper is falling and he's springing up for huge dunks, he can make you feel like you're watching the real-life version of NBA Jam. So we fully endorse the Phoenix Suns turning his 41-point performance against the Thunder into a set of video game highlights. If any player was… » 3/21/14 10:01am 3/21/14 10:01am

Gerald Green Gets Many Style Points For This Posterization

This is a bit of a different look for Gerald Green, whose dunks are usually marked by raw explosiveness and head-above-the-rim leaping ability, but don't sleep on the style present in this jam. » 3/18/14 9:38am 3/18/14 9:38am

Gerald Green Is The Gunner We Need

Suns swingman Gerald Green, who is putting the finishing touches on the best season of his career, blitzed the Oklahoma City Thunder with a career-high 41 points last night, the better part of them coming from eight made three-pointers. This topped a previous career high set just last month, when he scored 36 against… » 3/07/14 10:32am 3/07/14 10:32am

Gerald Green Hammers A Lob On Kenneth Faried's Head

Without Kenneth Faried's defensive effort, the degree of difficulty on this alley-oop would not have been nearly as high as it is, so we thank him for doing his part to create a great NBA highlight. But, man, Faried should probably stop jumping near former slam dunk contest winners. » 2/19/14 9:26am 2/19/14 9:26am

No, LeBron Didn't Get A Technical For Apologizing

Let's nip this one in the bud right now: Despite what this short video appears to show and what Reddit says, LeBron James didn't get T'd up for apologizing to Gerald Green. » 2/12/14 11:00am 2/12/14 11:00am

The Hawks-Pacers Series Is Boring, But These Dunks Are Not

Don't give a shit about who wins the first-round playoff series between the Hawks and Pacers? Don't worry, neither does anyone else. But you should give a shit about what Roy Hibbert and Gerald Green did last night. Each threw down a dunk that was more than worthy of the playoff stage. » 4/25/13 9:12am 4/25/13 9:12am

GIF: Gerald Green's First Dunk

Words cannot do justice to Flapping Bill Simmons. Words cannot do justice to Flapping Bill Simmons. Words cannot do justice to Flapping Bill Simmons. Words cannot do justice to Flapping Bill Simmons. » 2/16/13 10:24pm 2/16/13 10:24pm

Here's The Gerald Green Dunk Everybody's Talking About

This simple play is the genesis for a litany of questions. Among them: Gerald Green is still in the NBA? (Yes, on a ten-day contract with the Nets.) Where has he been? (In the D-League, mostly, but also playing in China and Russia.) Why has the NBA beaten the punch to would-be screencappers to upload this highlight… » 3/10/12 11:37pm 3/10/12 11:37pm