Rob Gronkowski Also Has A Concussion, Is The NFL's Latest Nightmare

When Browns safety T.J. Ward sent his shoulder crashing into Rob Gronkowski's outstretched right leg, everyone had the same two thoughts: "Holy shit, Gronk just tore his ACL!" and "Ward only went low because he didn't want to concuss Gronk and get fined for doing so." Well, try telling that second one to Gronk, who as it… » 12/09/13 2:39pm 12/09/13 2:39pm

What Really Went Wrong With Rob Gronkowski's Arm Surgeries?

Hours after the 2013 Super Bowl, Rob Gronkowski danced on stage at Encore, the kind of Vegas club you pray your friends never drag you to. As I watched the inevitable TMZ video—Gronk body-slammed a pal onstage—I was less interested in Gronk Gronking than in the black cast encasing his left forearm. » 10/04/13 12:52pm 10/04/13 12:52pm

The Summer Of Gronk Pauses For Nothing, Not Even Surgery

It (sort of) looks that way, according to Zachary, our tipster. But it's tough to be sure. That pose you see above is certainly Gronk-like, but dude's also wearing a shirt with buttons, and we can't tell whether he's also wearing Zubaz. Another photo shows dude drinking from a bottle of water, which only adds to the… » 5/21/13 1:54pm 5/21/13 1:54pm

Rob Gronkowski, Porn Star?

The Summer of Gronk, Part II, might be less than three weeks old, but it's already so far along that Gronkshaming has become a thing. So where can it go from here? Why not porn! A porn company has offered Gronk $3.75 million—the equivalent of his 2014 salary—to record a scene with his friend BiBi Jones, who… » 2/07/13 3:55pm 2/07/13 3:55pm

Here's More Footage Of Rob Gronkowski Dancing Shirtless In Vegas

Earlier today, we enjoyed some footage of Rob Gronkwoski boogieing at XS Nightclub in Las Vegas. Thanks to reader Tony, we have been blessed with even more Gronktastic dancing. Although this clip doesn't feature any wrestling moves, it does have the added hilarity of a nearly naked guy with a cardboard box on his head … » 2/05/13 3:25pm 2/05/13 3:25pm

Here's A Photo Of Johnny Manziel And Rob Gronkowski Wearing Shirts And…

If you asked us which two athletes would be most likely to team up and flood the internet with photos of themselves shirtless and partying during a night out, our answer would be simple: Johnny Manziel and Rob Gronkowski. And yet, here we are, staring at a photo of Manziel and Gronk that features no bare pectorals and … » 2/04/13 5:00pm 2/04/13 5:00pm

Rob Gronkowski Went To Baton Rouge For A Night Of Shirtless Partying

Giant man-puppy Rob Gronkowski has been in New Orleans all week, enjoying the Super Bowl festivities. Yesterday, he swung by the SportsCenter set to tell us that he hates being injured "to the max," and then he made one little kid's year by dropping $100 on a glass of lemonade. Once Gronk was finished being hilarious… » 2/01/13 2:15pm 2/01/13 2:15pm

The Year In Gronk

Rob Gronkowski is what would happen if Dr. Frankenstein created a monster, but instead of blood, the doctor filled his veins with Keystone Light. Here are some of the best Gronk stories from this past year. » 12/12/12 12:00pm 12/12/12 12:00pm

Rob Gronkowski To Astronaut In Space: "Are You Floating Right Now?"

NASA astronaut Sunita Williams Skyped with Patriots punter Zoltan Mesko and 6-foot-6 second-grader Rob Gronkowski earlier today. Guess who asked Williams, "Are you floating right now?" and "Aren't your suits way heavier than ours?" just before he makes the same pensive face as a middle-schooler trying to remember his… » 11/08/12 7:20pm 11/08/12 7:20pm