Complaint: Basketball Coach, Rick Adelman's Son, Taught Players Insanely Misguided Race Lesson

Four parents of Lincoln High School (Portland, Ore.) basketball players have filed a complaint against varsity coach Pat Adelman, alleging that Adelman called white players racists during a halftime tongue-lashing, and demeaned two black players by making their teammates touch them, according to Willamette Week.


High School Basketball Players Charged With Aggravated Assault, Rape In Hazing Incident

Tennessee police have charged three high school basketball players with aggravated rape and assault after they hazed a 15-year-old freshman teammate while the team was at a tournament in Gatlinburg. The three unnamed boys, from Ooltewah High School, are currently at a juvenile facility, according to a statement from…

Mother of Slain High Schooler Blames Basketball

Last year, a Dallas high school student was murdered by another high school student who happened to live with him. They weren't related and the only reason they shared an abode was that they were both talented basketball players. The murdered child's mother has now filed a lawsuit against the Dallas Independent School…