Fox Sports’s Trashman-In-Chief Portrayed As Visionary In Gushing New York Times Profile

Last April, the New York Times’s Richard Sandomir wrote a soft-focus puff piece on Jason Whitlock and his then-role as head of ESPN’s The Undefeated. A month later ESPN president John Skipper told Sandomir exclusively that Bill Simmons wasn’t returning to ESPN, news Simmons himself found out from Twitter. A month…


Terrell Suggs Tells Skip Bayless He's "Graduated From Douchebag To Dirtbag" In First Take's ESPN Debut

Last year, Terrell Suggs called Skip Bayless a douchebag, a great TV moment that made up for what it lacked in verbal majesty with a certain frankness of expression. Today, First Take debuted its new half-hour live edition for ESPN. Apparently the suits in Bristol are so worked up about the show after the Rob Parker