Here's Jason Dufner's Cute New Puppy In The Wanamaker Trophy

Jason Dufner seems determined to enjoy his first win at a major for as long as possible, and you know what? Good for him. Honestly, it's kind of refreshing to observe the innocent joy he's been projecting all week, from sleeping with his trophy to putting his adorable new puppy in his trophy to randomly getting… »8/15/13 4:42pm8/15/13 4:42pm

Dufnering Is Now A Thing, Thanks To A Gaggle Of Silly Pro Golfers

Yesterday we posted a photo of golfer Jason Dufner visiting a community center and looking supremely downtrodden. Today, golfers all across the land are razzing Dufner, who's been chipper enough about the whole thing, by mimicking his pose. Dufnering! It's a thing! Bubba Watson, who Dufnered in the photo above against… »3/29/13 11:44am3/29/13 11:44am