Coach Ted Lasso Behind-The-Scenes Video Almost As Good As Original

You loved NBC's Coach Ted Lasso video, in which an American football coach learns all about the sport of association football. Here's a bit behind the making of it, as captured in London by Spurs TV. We're not sure if Jason Sudeikis is ever not in character—or if he even has a character at all other than "Jason… »8/06/13 10:43pm8/06/13 10:43pm


An Averagely Average Comedy: We're The Millers, Reviewed.

Jason Sudeikis is a perfect fit for We're the Millers, which is a shame, since the movie isn't quite as funny as he is. During his time on Saturday Night Live, Sudeikis often played the handsome, average guy who, the longer you hung out with him, seemed stranger and stranger. He could be the straight man in other… »8/06/13 5:45pm8/06/13 5:45pm