Jeff Kent Departs Survivor With One Final Rant: "I'm A Game 7 World Series Loser"

The last time we checked in with budding reality TV star Jeff Kent, he was kicking off his appearance on this season of Survivor in a truly inauspicious manner. Since then, he's managed to keep his head in the game. Tonight, though, the dream suddenly died for Kent, who was voted off the island in what host Jeff… »11/07/12 11:00pm11/07/12 11:00pm


Jeff Kent May Have Torn A Knee Ligament Falling On A Raft In The Opening Minutes Of Survivor

Former MLB second baseman Jeff Kent is no stranger to weird, improbable injuries, having famously claimed he broke his wrist while washing his truck. (Turns out he fell off his motorcycle while he was popping wheelies and the Giants were none too happy.) So of course, it's weirdly fitting that Kent would be no more… »9/19/12 9:00pm9/19/12 9:00pm

Jeff Kent Took His Survivor Cues From "The Fat, Naked, Gay Guy"

You can thank CBS for bringing together two things you probably haven't thought about in nearly a decade: Survivor and Surly Former Second Baseman Jeff Kent™. The show has already filmed, and Kent is back from the Philippines, but since it doesn't premier until next week Kent can't talk about what went down, or how… »9/14/12 2:40pm9/14/12 2:40pm