Jenn Sterger Was The Original Katherine Webb, In That She Was Also…

The New York Times caught up with one-time Deadspin muse and object of misdirected Brett Favre affection Jenn Sterger yesterday (how's she doing? The profile included the quote, "[W]ith great cleavage comes great responsibility," so, fine) and in doing so noted that her first taste of fame came in a now-familiar… » 1/19/13 6:10pm 1/19/13 6:10pm

Will Brett Favre Have To Discuss His Penis Under Oath?

Brett Favre's (alleged!) penis is back in the news and now it's because he doesn't want it shown off. We told you last week about the two former Jets masseuses who, as part of their ongoing lawsuit against Favre alleging sexual harassment and retaliation, tried to get him to admit that photographs published on this… » 9/04/12 12:15pm 9/04/12 12:15pm

Whatever Jenn Sterger Is Doing At The Daily, Please, God, Make It Stop

Jenn Sterger is sorta-famous for two reasons. First, she got herself on TV at FSU games wearing low-cut outfits. Second, she received photos of a penis that was almost certainly attached to Brett Favre. That's not what one would call a distinguished resume. But it's good enough to land a job at The Daily. » 3/09/12 6:40pm 3/09/12 6:40pm

Sterger Tears Her Way Through Second Part Of GMA Interview

Jenn Sterger's Good Morning America two-day extravaganza has come to a close, with this abbreviated three-minute clip from today's show. There are tears here, at the memory of her mother's coworker asking "what it was like to have Brett Favre's grandbabies," and there's some strained commentary about the NFL… » 4/13/11 10:50am 4/13/11 10:50am

Sterger On GMA: Never Met Brett Favre, Never Got Paid, Betrayed By…

Your morning roundup for April 12, the day we remembered how Jeff Buckley's death was a more significant event than that guy from Nirvana's to some folks but this won't help that argument. » 4/12/11 9:15am 4/12/11 9:15am

Jenn Sterger And Phil Reese And Their Game Of Inches

Jenn Sterger, who's been silent since the whole Favre thing captivated and appalled the nation, recently filed a suit against her "manager," Phil Reese, claiming he plans to use some of the additional raunchy photos, texts, and voicemails to move forward with a book about the "Favre Story" that Sterger no longer… » 3/16/11 7:00pm 3/16/11 7:00pm

Jenn Sterger Sues Her Manager To Recover Favre Texts

Sterger filed suit yesterday in Hillsborough County circuit court, in an attempt to prevent Phil Reese from writing a book about the Brett Favre saga, and to recover the mysterious "Sterger Materials." » 3/16/11 2:15pm 3/16/11 2:15pm

Even Back Hair Performance Art Couldn't Save Appalachian State Football

Because no one reads the newspaper, and SportsCenter's anchors are too perky for this early in the morning, Deadspin combs the best of the broadsheets and internets to bring you everything you need to know to start your day. » 12/12/10 9:00am 12/12/10 9:00am

Deadspin Classic: The 2008 New York Jets Preview, By Jenn Sterger

The NFL has shipped off its report about Brett Favre's penis to Roger Goodell (more later), but, for now, let's look back on how this all began: with the 2008 Jets preview Jenn wrote for us, and which I'd completely forgotten about. » 12/08/10 2:55pm 12/08/10 2:55pm

Brett Favre's Dong-Phone Number, Jenn Sterger Legal Updates, And Other…

It's been relatively quiet on the sexting front, but there's some movement afoot that suggests the end to this saga is just beyond the phallus-shaped horizon. » 11/18/10 8:10pm 11/18/10 8:10pm

Jenn Sterger Meets With NFL

Sterger sat down with NFL investigators today and "[provided] them with substantial materials in our possession." Your move now, Cam Newton. Wait, what? [NY Post] » 11/11/10 4:45pm 11/11/10 4:45pm

Despite Chris From Austin's Victory, People Still Sent Favre/Sterger…

Remember Chris from Austin? The guy(?) who dressed like Jenn Sterger for Halloween and distributed wallet-sized cockshots, thus making him the winner of a costume contest that wasn't really a contest last week? » 11/06/10 4:15pm 11/06/10 4:15pm

Here Are Many More Shots of People Pretending To Be Brett Favre And…

It's funny because I'm going to picture the chick painted in black throughout the Vikings/Patriots game, and I'll bet you will too. » 10/31/10 2:00pm 10/31/10 2:00pm

Jenn Sterger Likely To Meet With NFL Officials (Updated)

ESPN quoted Jenn Sterger's attorney Joe Conway as saying, "There is a very strong likelihood that Ms. Sterger will agree to meet with the NFL in their ongoing investigation. » 10/31/10 12:00pm 10/31/10 12:00pm

The Timing Of The Daily Line's Cancellation Had Nothing To Do With…

Sports Business Journal's John Ourand broke the news about the death of Versus's sports-yap vehicle "The Daily Line", where Jenn Sterger co-hosted. The cancellation of the show in light of the Favre-Sterger fap-flap seems suspicious. But it's not. » 10/29/10 4:35pm 10/29/10 4:35pm

Report: Favre Admits To Voicemails, Denies Cock Shots

According to Fox's Jay Glazer, Brett Favre admitted to NFL security that he left voicemails on Jenn Sterger's phone, but denied that he sent her photos of his penis. The voicemails and the photos came from the same number, per our reporting. » 10/24/10 1:24pm 10/24/10 1:24pm

Deanna Favre's Media Tour Was A Little Repetitious This Morning

The Land Baroness appeared on Good Morning America and Fox and Friends this morning to plug a book she wrote with her pastor, but she had to respond to those allegations we've been hearing so much about. Video inside. » 10/21/10 11:50am 10/21/10 11:50am