The Ballad Of Jericho Scott

Jericho Scott was the 9-year-old who briefly became a media sensation when he was deemed "too good" to pitch in his youth league. A year later, Craig Fehrman checks in on Jericho and finds that everyone got the story wrong. » 8/18/09 4:15pm 8/18/09 4:15pm

Through The Looking Glass With Nine-Year-Old Jericho Scott

The parents of Jericho Scott, the nine-year-old New Haven, Conn. pitcher who was banned from pitching because he is too good, are officially suing the youth league that is disbanding his team » 8/27/08 11:45am 8/27/08 11:45am. In response, the league held a press conference to tell their side of the story, and a huge mob of reporters showed up.…