The Boy Who Was "Too Good" To Play Youth Baseball Never Got To Grow Up

When Mark Gambardella learned last week that Jericho Scott, one of his PONY league baseball players, had died—that the 16-year-old had been shot two doors down from his family’s home—the coach wept. Then he headed to the Dom Aitro Field in New Haven, Conn. It was Sunday morning, and one of Gambardella’s younger teams… »5/01/15 3:05pm5/01/15 3:05pm


Through The Looking Glass With Nine-Year-Old Jericho Scott

The parents of Jericho Scott, the nine-year-old New Haven, Conn. pitcher who was banned from pitching because he is too good, are officially suing the youth league that is disbanding his team »8/27/08 11:45am8/27/08 11:45am. In response, the league held a press conference to tell their side of the story, and a huge mob of reporters showed up.…