Happy Valley Could Be Anywhere, And That's The Scariest Part

Late in Amir Bar-Lev's harrowing and deeply fair documentary Happy Valley, which tracks the Jerry Sandusky tragedy at Penn State and its craterous aftermath, attorney Andrew Shubin, who represented several of Sandusky's victims, says: » 11/20/14 2:39pm 11/20/14 2:39pm

Penn State Students Celebrate Lifted Sanctions, Chant Joe Paterno's Name

Earlier today, the NCAA lifted the sanctions placed on Penn State's football program after the Jerry Sandusky scandal. The team will be bowl-eligible and have its scholarships returned. Tonight, Penn State students celebrated by meeting at Old Main, and chanting the late head coach Joe Paterno's name, among other… » 9/08/14 9:48pm 9/08/14 9:48pm

Penn State To Alums: Please Stop Being Crazy Truthers

Most of the country has moved on from talking about the Penn State scandal, accepting that university administrators and former head coach Joe Paterno made grievous errors in judgment upon becoming aware of Jerry Sandusky's crimes. According to a letter that was sent today by the university to a massive listserv of… » 9/05/14 1:42pm 9/05/14 1:42pm

Why Kids Today Are So Much Better With Computers Than You Were

Time for your weekly edition of the Deadspin Funbag. Got something on your mind? Email the Funbag. Today, we're covering pointless airline rules, broken legs, meeting Fred Smoot, and more. » 8/05/14 4:13pm 8/05/14 4:13pm

Jerry Sandusky's Adopted Son Reveals Horrifying Sexual Abuse Details

As promised, Oprah Winfrey's sit-down interview with Matthew Sandusky, the adopted son of convicted child predator and former Penn State University assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky, was brutally explicit. In the Oprah Prime clip above, Matthew recounts the abuse in detail, as well as his resulting shame. In… » 7/18/14 9:17am 7/18/14 9:17am

Report: Penn State Whistleblower Mike McQueary Was Abused As A Boy

ESPN The Magazine has a big profile on Mike McQueary, the former Penn State assistant coach who testified to seeing Jerry Sandusky sexually assault a young boy in the shower in 2001. The biggest revelation to come out of the story is that McQueary himself was sexually assaulted as a child, and told a few members of… » 3/04/14 5:44pm 3/04/14 5:44pm

Paternos v. NCAA has its day in court: Both sides presented more than three hours of arguments today. Does the family have standing for its lawsuit to proceed? Was the NCAA justified in abandoning procedure to sanction Penn State? A Pennsylvania judge will think it over. [Patriot-News] » 10/29/13 5:28pm 10/29/13 5:28pm

Penn State: $59.7 Million In Settlements With 26 Sandusky Victims

Penn State announced on its website this afternoon that it reached settlement agreements with 26 of Jerry Sandusky's victims to the tune of $59.7 million. That dollar amount more or less matches the $60 million figure that had been reported over the summer by the Philadelphia-based Legal Intelligencer. » 10/28/13 1:54pm 10/28/13 1:54pm

Jerry Sandusky's Son, Who's A Browns Executive, Charged With DUI

Jon Sandusky, the adopted son of former Penn State defensive coordinator and convicted serial pedophile Jerry Sandusky, was arrested on the suspicion of driving under the influence early Tuesday in Fargo, N.D. » 10/09/13 3:36pm 10/09/13 3:36pm

Franco Harris Has His Tiananmen Square Moment

About 150 people gathered for what was called a March for Truth today outside the Penn State board of trustees' meeting in State College, Pa. Speeches were given. A life-sized cardboard cutout of Joe Paterno showed up. Franco Harris stood near a van carrying several of the trustees. » 9/20/13 6:03pm 9/20/13 6:03pm

Was The DA Who Didn't Prosecute Sandusky Killed By A Hells Angel?

Among the alluring storylines just after Jerry Sandusky's November 2011 arrest was the mystery surrounding Ray Gricar, the former Centre County (Pa.) district attorney who went missing in 2005. The case had long gone cold, and Gricar was declared legally dead six years later. But get this: the Altoona Mirror says… » 9/20/13 5:19pm 9/20/13 5:19pm

Prosecutor From Sandusky Trial: Joe Paterno Not Involved In Cover-Up

Had he lived, would Joe Paterno have been charged with a crime for allegedly covering for Jerry Sandusky's serial sex crimes against children? One of the prosecutors who worked to convict Sandusky last summer said the answer is no. » 9/04/13 3:45pm 9/04/13 3:45pm

One of Jerry Sandusky's victims was convicted this week of robbing a woman last summer. He's been sentenced to 15 months to five years in state prison. He reportedly is getting a settlement from Penn State. [Lancaster Online] » 8/14/13 4:40pm 8/14/13 4:40pm

The preliminary hearing in Harrisburg, Pa., just wrapped up, and all charges against the three former Penn State administrators accused of covering for Jerry Sandusky have been held over for trial. No trial date has been set. [@OnwardState] » 7/30/13 3:13pm 7/30/13 3:13pm

Witness: Joe Paterno Would Say Jerry Sandusky “Was A Sick Guy”

The preliminary hearing for the three Penn State administrators accused of covering for Jerry Sandusky began this morning in Harrisburg, Pa. Mike McQueary, the former PSU assistant coach who saw Sandusky sexually abusing a boy in a football building shower in 2001, was the first witness. During his testimony, which… » 7/29/13 2:17pm 7/29/13 2:17pm

Report: Penn State Approved $60 Million In Sandusky Settlement Claims

Penn State's board of trustees voted Friday to approve settlement offers to some of the victims of Jerry Sandusky's child-sex abuse. At the time, no figures were made public. But the Legal Intelligencer, a law newspaper based in Philly, is citing sources who say the offers are "in the close proximity of" $60 million. » 7/17/13 5:46pm 7/17/13 5:46pm