Chip Kelly Is Wreaking Havoc On Philly Sporting Goods Stores

Nobody is quite sure what Chip Kelly is doing, and that probably includes Chip Kelly himself. Is Sam Bradford his quarterback, or is it all part of a plan to trade up for his former college quarterback Marcus Mariota? Why did he sign Ryan Mathews even though he had already signed DeMarco Murray? Was he serious about… »4/04/15 11:22am4/04/15 11:22am

Three Maple Leafs Fans Charged For Throwing Jerseys Onto The Ice

Toronto started off the season badly. Then they were good for a while! Now they're really bad again. Who are the real Maple Leafs? (The bad ones.) But some fans don't really have the patience for them to figure it out. During last night's humiliating 4-1 loss to Carolina, at least four fans chucked their Leafs jerseys… »1/20/15 12:25pm1/20/15 12:25pm

165 Sweet Basketball Jerseys On One Gorgeous Poster

With the basketball season winding down, Pop Chart Lab has put together a great new poster showcasing 165 notable jersey designs, from the 1921 New York Celtics through the "Latin Night" alternates of the 2014 Suns. Most of the offerings come from the NBA, but there's a smattering of Globetrotter, ABA, hip-hop, and … »5/19/14 1:07pm5/19/14 1:07pm