Jim Knox Interviews Two Random Irishmen; There Is Cursing Involved

It’s time again to check in on our favorite Rangers baseball reporter, Jim Knox. Tonight Knoxie spoke with a pair of Irish lads attending their first baseball game. They didn’t know much about the sport, but the duo did pledge to buy “every person here a good frosty fuckin’ pint of Guinness” if the Rangers made the… »7/06/15 12:24am7/06/15 12:24am


British Texas Rangers Fan Interviewed During Last Night's Broadcast Thinks The Team Is "Lovely Jubblies"

Jim Knox's interviews with fans during Texas Rangers telecasts have become a bit of legend around here, and he continued his streak of finding interesting individuals last night when he came across a boisterous Brit with a love for the Rangers. (We encourage you to Google 'Lovely Jubblies,' though not at work.) »8/21/12 2:55pm8/21/12 2:55pm