Even The Chicago Bulls' Security Staff Is Sick Of Joey Crawford's Shit

The Chicago Bulls have set up a kind of text-message hotline that fans can use to hail the assistance of the arena's security team. Reader Dave was at the game between the Bulls and the Wizards last night, and he tried his luck at getting referee Joey Crawford—who made a number of bad calls and whom everyone hates »4/23/14 3:07pm4/23/14 3:07pm

Nobody Can Hijack A Playoff Game Quite Like An NBA Referee Can

With 1:20 left to play in last night's Heat-Pacers game, LeBron James received the ball on the left wing, stared down his defender, and then casually dropped a 28-foot three-pointer. It was a heroic shot, the kind of shot that NBA fans live to see in the playoffs, and it set the tone for what should have been a… »5/29/13 11:34am5/29/13 11:34am

Tim Duncan And Tony Parker Mock-Executed Their Referee Nemesis Joey Crawford On Halloween

From what we can tell, this photo only started making the rounds yesterday, even though the Spurs night out on Halloween had been well-documented otherwise. These are the same costumes Tim Duncan and Tony Parker wore then—Duncan as the Punisher, because of course he'd pick a relatively obscure comic book antihero as… »12/01/12 9:45am12/01/12 9:45am

NBA Ref Joey Crawford Made A Terrible Foul Call, Celebrated It With A Ridiculous Dance

Our friends over at With Leather once called referee Joey Crawford "the worst thing about the NBA." It's hard to argue with them after seeing his latest stunt. After a night of showboating in the Pacers-Lakers game tonight, he capped off his performance with a questionable blocking call—one that probably cost L.A.… »11/28/12 1:30am11/28/12 1:30am