Baseball Fans Want Their Free Pizza, Dammit

Josh Beckett's no-hitter was a story of redemption—the redemption, by you, of a coupon code in exchange for a medium two-topping pizza from Dominos. Americans love free pizza, but there's a necessary corollary: they hate not having free pizza. » 5/27/14 4:20pm 5/27/14 4:20pm

Josh Beckett Pitches First Dodgers No-Hitter Since 1996

Josh Beckett showed he still had some gas left in the tank by no-hitting the Philadelphia Phillies in today's 6-0 victory at Citizens Bank Park. » 5/25/14 4:27pm 5/25/14 4:27pm

Josh Beckett Claims That A Pipeline Company Is About To Kill Some…

An ocelot is a species of wild cat, and there are only about 50 of them left in the United States. Just thought we should get that out of the way, since a lot of you were probably wondering what the hell an ocelot is just now. » 10/17/12 12:12pm 10/17/12 12:12pm

Josh Beckett Joins Twitter, Is In Desperate Need Of New Handle

Josh Beckett joined twitter today for the express purpose of saying goodbye to the Red Sox faithful, wherever they may be. It's very touching. But this here's a business and it can't be getting mussed up with feelings and dumb Twitter handles. » 8/25/12 6:01pm 8/25/12 6:01pm

It Sure Looks Like Adrian Gonzalez Will Be Hitting Cleanup For The…

There's still no official word from the teams, but the Dodgers sure seem to think that Adrian Gonzalez will be moving to Los Angeles. He's batting cleanup and playing first base according to the lineup posted by Enrique Rojas of ESPN Deportes. Buster Olney also tweeted that Gonzalez would be in the lineup. » 8/25/12 5:18pm 8/25/12 5:18pm

Reports: Boston Red Sox And Los Angeles Dodgers Agree To Crazy Trade

Adrian Gonzalez, Carl Crawford and Josh Beckett appear to be on the move. While the teams have yet to officially announce the trade, barring any medical snafus or no-trade clause invocations, this crazy deal appears to be a crazy done deal. » 8/24/12 9:08pm 8/24/12 9:08pm

That Crazy Red Sox/Dodgers Trade Will Never Happen, But Could You…

Carl Crawford cleared waivers a couple weeks ago. Josh Beckett is on the wire too. Today, it was reported that Adrian Gonzalez was claimed by the Dodgers. The Red Sox want to get younger and cheaper. The Dodgers have the means, motive and opportunity to go for a title now. These are all the ingredients you need to… » 8/24/12 4:25pm 8/24/12 4:25pm

What Josh Beckett Does On His Off Days Stays Between Josh Beckett And…

After apparently solving things a few weeks ago, the Red Sox have (thankfully) returned to aggressive catastrophe status. They're 2-8 in their last 10 games, including an 8-3 thrashing yesterday at the hands of the Cleveland Indians. Josh Beckett gave up seven runs in a little more than two innings, which vexed Boston… » 5/11/12 10:55am 5/11/12 10:55am

Two Games In And The Boston Red Sox Are Being Compared To The Titanic

Oh, this is delicious. The usually level-headed and sane Dan Shaughnessy had a few things to say following the absolute drubbing of the Red Sox by the Detroit Tigers yesterday. This one had it all. An already-short-with-the-media Bobby Valentine, continued Josh Beckett injury speculation and Shaughnessy's signature… » 4/08/12 1:09pm 4/08/12 1:09pm

Everyone Trying To Undermine Bobby Valentine

Beyond Lester, Beckett and Buchholz, the Red Sox rotation was up in the air. Would it be Daniel Bard, once the closer-in-waiting, now being stretched out to be a starter? Alfredo Aceves, the Yankees cast-off who can start, relieve or close? A guy named Felix Doubront? This being the Red Sox, and this being Bobby… » 4/04/12 11:20am 4/04/12 11:20am

When Jack McKeon Managed Beer-And-Chicken-Lovin' Josh Beckett In…

The Boston Globe story on the Red Sox's September collapse included a lot of semidamning revelations, among them that starters John Lackey, Josh Beckett, and Jon Lester ate fried chicken and drank beer while playing video games in the clubhouse during Sox games. Quelle dommage! Apparently Terry Francona lost control… » 10/12/11 8:15pm 10/12/11 8:15pm

Pitchers Hooked On Beer, Fried Chicken, And Video Games! Francona On…

It took two weeks, but the Boston Globe has produced the definitive grisly autopsy of the 2011 Boston Red Sox meltdown, and it's lurid, all right. (You'll recall that the team collapsed in epic fashion and missed the playoffs.) The Globe's story is full of drink and drugs and player grousing, but the story's existence… » 10/12/11 2:40am 10/12/11 2:40am

Josh Beckett Suspended Six Games

Josh Beckett has been suspended for being a jerk to the team that just lost a teammate in a horrible accident. And there was never another fight at a baseball game again. [AP] » 4/14/09 3:30pm 4/14/09 3:30pm

Shatner's Short-Term Red Sox Memory, Sabathia And Manny Head…

He's Also Not Very Good At Fractions. Come with us now as William Shatner is tested for Alzheimer's on an episode of Boston Legal. He does great when asked about the 1967 Red Sox, but he's a little confused at the question "Who is the best Red Sox pitcher this season?" To which he answers, "Josh Pecker." Or maybe it… » 12/02/08 10:30am 12/02/08 10:30am

Beckett, Lester Take Aim at Charity (and Pull Trigger)

Josh Beckett, putative Red Sox ace, believes the best charity comes at the end of a shotgun. Therefore, he has gathered all his rowdy friends » 11/08/08 2:05pm 11/08/08 2:05pm (including fellow hurler Jon Lester-Who-Once-Had-Cancer, comedian Bill Engvall, and singer Troy Gentry) to his ranch this weekend, where they will hold the first annual with…

Josh Beckett Doesn't Appear To Have Been Taking Steroids In The…

By now, you've might have seen this increasingly infamous picture of Red Sox postseason pitching hero Josh Beckett, at spring training earlier this week. » 2/15/08 2:20pm 2/15/08 2:20pm

ESPN: We Don't Want No Trouble

ESPN's new comment section, ESPN Conversation, has been an endless source of entertainment for us, and you as well, we suspect. Specifically the Featured Comment on their home page, which is possibly the blandest thing on the planet. In fact, I doubt that ESPN commenters are even human: Their comments are generated by… » 10/19/07 2:50pm 10/19/07 2:50pm