Local Radio Station Claims Lions Ditched Them Over Censorship Issues

97.1 The Ticket has been the Detroit Lions’ flagship station for 18 years, but the team has decided to ditch The Ticket for another local station. According to a senior vice president of CBS Radio, the owner of 97.1, this decision was made in part because the station refused to allow the Lions to censor its content. »Friday 3:29pm11/20/15 3:29pm


Olivia Munn Doesn't Appreciate Being Mentioned As A Possible "Off-Field Issue"

ESPN’s Rob Demovsky wrote an article titled “Five reasons why quarterback Aaron Rodgers is struggling,” in which he tries to figure out why the Packers’ star quarterback hasn’t been his impeccable self in the last few games. The reasons Demovsky gives range from perfectly reasonable—Jordy Nelson is hurt—to the oddly… »11/19/15 11:07am11/19/15 11:07am

T.J. Simers Wins $7.1 Million Judgment Against The Los Angeles Times

Former Los Angeles Times sports columnist T.J. Simers won $7.1 million in an age and disability discrimination suit against the paper, reports Law360. Simers initially asked for $12.2 million, but the jury decided to give him “$330,358 for past economic damages, $1.8 million for future economic damages, $2.5 million… »11/04/15 8:49pm11/04/15 8:49pm

ESPN And AP Or The Times Screw Up On When Edinson Volquez Knew His Father Died (UPDATED)

An hour before the start of Game 1 of the World Series, the first report about the death of Royals starting pitcher Edinson Volquez’s father Daniel began circulating. It came courtesy of a radio station sports director in Volquez’s native Dominican Republic. Shortly afterwards it was confirmed by two ESPN Deportes… »10/28/15 2:07am10/28/15 2:07am

Why We're Going To Keep 'Spoiling' eSports Results

Ever since I began covering the League of Legends World Championship this year, I have received complaints from readers asking (or demanding) that I stop spoiling the outcomes of games in my articles. After a lot of deliberation, I’ve decided that I can’t do that. You all deserve an explanation as to why. »10/23/15 1:50pm10/23/15 1:50pm

ESPN Gets A Ridiculous Amount Of Traffic From Fantasy Football News

ESPN may be getting ready to lay off a few hundred people, but the sports media behemoth still wants the world to know that it commands the attention of the all the world’s sports fans. ESPN just put out a rather boring press release trumpeting the 94.4 million unique visitors raked in by ESPN.com in September, but… »10/21/15 11:14am10/21/15 11:14am

Adam Schefter's Facebook Post On Johnny Manziel Is Very Similar To WEWS' Original Report (UPDATE)

Yesterday, news broke that Johnny Manziel got into some trouble with police in Avon, Ohio after getting into a roadside argument with his girlfriend on Monday. Manziel, who went to rehab this summer, admitted to drinking that afternoon. It was the biggest NFL story of the day. We covered it, as did every other sports… »10/17/15 2:40pm10/17/15 2:40pm

Warriors Beat Reporter's Blog Posts Appear To Be Copy And Pasted From Press Releases

Earlier tonight, the Columbia Journalism Review reported that the San Francisco Chronicle’s reporter on the Golden State Warriors beat, Rusty Simmons, had been suspended by the paper after writing a news story on the Warriors’ purchase of land for their new arena that was copied almost entirely from a Warriors press… »10/14/15 12:15am10/14/15 12:15am

How ESPN's Fear Of The Truth Defeated "Black Grantland"

Last month, The Atlantic published an 18,000-word article by Ta-Nehisi Coates called “The Black Family in the Age of Mass Incarceration.” It was the second epic piece in what appears to be a series in which Coates examines the toll of white supremacy as American policy on black life in the United States. The article… »10/06/15 5:10pm10/06/15 5:10pm

ESPN Says It Is, Isn't Actually Distancing Itself From DraftKings

Today’s episode of Outside The Lines featured a lot of discussion on the insider information scandal that has struck the world of daily fantasy sites. Before delving into that discussion, host Bob Ley mentioned that ESPN will no longer be featuring “sponsored elements” related to DraftKings in its original… »10/06/15 4:08pm10/06/15 4:08pm

Ryan Glasspiegel has a long, interesting history of the Washington Post sports section under editor

Ryan Glasspiegel has a long, interesting history of the Washington Post sports section under editor George Solomon—from 1975 to 2003—where sportswriting stars like Tony Kornheiser, Mike Wilbon, Rachel Nichols, David Aldridge, Sally Jenkins, and John Feinstein came to prominence. [The Big Lead] »10/01/15 9:54pm10/01/15 9:54pm