Ray Rice Indicted On More Serious Charge Than Expected

Surprising news in the case of Ravens RB Ray Rice, accused of knocking his fiancée unconscious at an Atlantic City casino last month. He's been indicted on a more serious charge than prosecutors initially asked for, one that could carry a sentence of three to five years in prison. » 3/27/14 5:05pm 3/27/14 5:05pm

Grand Jury To Investigate 1983 Death Of Jimmy Snuka's Girlfriend

On May 11, 1983, Nancy Argentino died in a Pennsylvania hotel room from traumatic brain injuries. An autopsy showed injuries consistent with a history of domestic abuse, and her boyfriend initially told the responding officer he had shoved her, causing her to hit her head. No charges were ever brought against the… » 1/28/14 6:03pm 1/28/14 6:03pm

A University Goes To Court To Keep A Player Off The Team

A college basketball player is charged with sexual abuse. The charges are dropped, but his university kicks him off the team. A judge orders him reinstated, and now the state supreme court will hear the case. There is a fascinating story playing out at Iowa State, one with no easy answers, but that goes to the very… » 1/23/14 4:23pm 1/23/14 4:23pm

Prosecutors: Aaron Hernandez's Fianceé Lied To Grand Jury 29 Times

Shayanna Jenkins was indicted for perjury in relation to the Aaron Hernandez murder case back in September. Prosecutors have since accused her of destroying evidence. And now, in court documents, the Bristol County (Mass.) prosecutor provided even more specific details, alleging that Jenkins lied to the grand jury 29… » 12/03/13 7:05pm 12/03/13 7:05pm

Soccer Team Issues Wonderfully Bitchy Statement Over Pee Allegations

Boreham Wood, in the sixth tier of English soccer, lost an FA Cup heartbreaker on Tuesday night at Carlisle United. Afterward, media accounts and photos showed the visitors' locker room to be a mess, including a tea kettle in a urinal, a broken door, and what was reportedly a puddle of urine on the floor. Boreham Wood… » 11/21/13 5:22pm 11/21/13 5:22pm

Aaron Hernandez's Girlfriend Accused Of Destroying Evidence

Shayanna Jenkins appeared in Bristol County court today, three weeks after being indicted for perjury relating to the murder case against Aaron Hernandez. Speaking at the hearing, prosecutors alleged that Jenkins actively disposed of evidence that could have tied Hernandez to the shooting death of Odin Lloyd. » 10/15/13 4:56pm 10/15/13 4:56pm

Witness: Joe Paterno Would Say Jerry Sandusky “Was A Sick Guy”

The preliminary hearing for the three Penn State administrators accused of covering for Jerry Sandusky began this morning in Harrisburg, Pa. Mike McQueary, the former PSU assistant coach who saw Sandusky sexually abusing a boy in a football building shower in 2001, was the first witness. During his testimony, which… » 7/29/13 2:17pm 7/29/13 2:17pm

Prosecutors: This Is Aaron Hernandez With The Murder Weapon

Attleboro District Court unsealed more documents today in the murder case against Aaron Hernandez. The most striking: a series of images from Hernandez's home surveillance system on the night of the murder, showing what prosecutors believe to be the gun that killed Odin Lloyd, a gun that has not yet been found. » 7/25/13 5:18pm 7/25/13 5:18pm

Prosecutors Seek To Charge Aaron Hernandez For 2012 Double Murder

The Boston Globe reports that prosecutors are arguing before a grand jury that Aaron Hernandez should be charged with the shooting deaths of two men outside a Boston nightclub in 2012, a previously unsolved murder in which Hernandez emerged as the prime suspect last month. » 7/24/13 8:52am 7/24/13 8:52am