Prosecutors Believe Supposed Tampered Evidence In Patrick Kane Case Was "Elaborate Hoax"

A story that has never been anything but bizarre gets even stranger. On Wednesday, the lawyer of the woman who accused Blackhawks star Patrick Kane of rape claimed someone had left an opened evidence bag at the accuser’s mother’s house. Yesterday, the woman’s lawyer resigned, saying he no longer had confidence in that… »9/25/15 12:12pm9/25/15 12:12pm


"You Are The Real MVP!!": More Letters Sent To The Ballghazi Judge

The federal judge who oversaw the Ballghazi case, vacating Tom Brady’s four-game suspension while legally shredding whatever integrity was left of the NFL’s arbitration apparatus, entered more letters from the public into the case’s docket yesterday. This batch is smaller, not quite a dozen letters, and includes a few… »9/16/15 6:40pm9/16/15 6:40pm

How The NFL Convinced Prosecutors To Give Them (And No One Else) The Greg Hardy Photos

Last year, the National Football League faced perhaps the worst public-relations crisis in its history. Even those who couldn’t care less about football knew all about the league’s disastrous handling of a domestic violence case involving Baltimore Ravens star Ray Rice cold-cocking his future wife inside an Atlantic… »9/16/15 2:09pm9/16/15 2:09pm

Here Are The Anti-NFL Letters Fans Sent The Ballghazi Judge

It’s one thing to yell and scream on the Internet; it’s another to take the time to address, stamp, and mail your anger to a federal judge. But that’s exactly what 21 people did to Judge Richard Berman, who presided over the brouhaha between the NFL and the player’s union regarding Tom Brady’s suspension and how much… »9/09/15 11:12pm9/09/15 11:12pm

Darren Sharper Plans To Strike Plea Deal In All His Rape Cases Monday

Alleged serial rapist Darren Shaper is working on a global plea deal that would resolve the myriad of sexual assault cases against him, according to multiple reports today. The Associated Press reported that the deal will be filed Monday in two courts, one in California and the other in an unknown location. The… »3/20/15 5:49pm3/20/15 5:49pm

Will Jurors Hear About The Other Friend Aaron Hernandez Allegedly Shot?

With no smoking gun, circumstantial evidence is playing a large role in the state's case against Aaron Hernandez for the murder of Odin Lloyd. And what better way to convince jurors that Hernandez is capable of shooting his friend than by introducing evidence that he shot a different friend just four months earlier? »3/03/15 8:53am3/03/15 8:53am

Blizzard Will Delay Aaron Hernandez's Murder Trial

The powerful blizzard set to cover much of the Northeast is projected to bring up to 30 inches of snow to eastern Massachusetts, where nearly everything is expected to shut down tomorrow. That includes courts, which means opening statements in Aaron Hernandez's murder trial, scheduled to begin tomorrow, will be pushed… »1/26/15 10:38am1/26/15 10:38am

Read The Questions Given To Potential Aaron Hernandez Jurors

Over three days, 1,055 people — minus the guy in a Bruins jersey who screamed "Go Pats!" and was sent home — filed through Bristol Superior Court for jury selection in Aaron Hernandez's upcoming murder trial. They were each given a 51-question juror questionnaire which you can read below (and complete, if you like). »1/15/15 12:18pm1/15/15 12:18pm

Testimony In Darren Sharper Case Reveals Alleged Use Of "Horny Juice"

Details are starting to drip out surrounding the alleged serial druggings and rapes that former NFL player Darren Sharper stands accused of. Testimony given yesterday at a hearing for one of Sharper's co-defendants sheds light on their alleged use of drugged cocktails, and hints that Sharper wasn't the only NFL player… »12/19/14 10:45am12/19/14 10:45am

NFL And NFLPA Locked In Dispute Over Adrian Peterson's Reinstatement

The dispute surrounding Adrian Peterson's reinstatement—or lack thereof—after pleading no contest to child injury charges is heating up. Late last week the NFL Players Association sent a letter to the NFL demanding Peterson be reinstated. That tactic apparently failed, as today the NFLPA announced that it had filed a… »11/10/14 8:52pm11/10/14 8:52pm

Reports: Jameis Winston Requests Postponement Of FSU Hearing

Just three days ago the attorney of the woman who accused Jameis Winston of sexual assault confirmed that Florida State's disciplinary hearing—which will decide whether Winston violated the school's conduct code—would be held on November 17. Winston's attorney David Cornwell shortly thereafter went on Twitter to … »11/07/14 2:00pm11/07/14 2:00pm

Jameis Winston's FSU Hearing Will Take Place In Two Weeks

A Florida State disciplinary hearing for quarterback Jameis Winston will be held the week of Nov. 17th, according to the attorney for the woman who accused Winston of a December 2012 sexual assault. The hearing, conducted by a former Florida Supreme Court chief justice, will determine if Winston violated any of four… »11/05/14 9:02am11/05/14 9:02am