Greatest Inbounder, Dumbest Guy, And Other Unsung Heroes Of Showtime

LeBron's Fourth MVP Is Pushing Him Into Ludicrous Territory

Reports are swarming that LeBron James will be named the NBA’s MVP for the fourth time in the past five seasons. Somehow this makes Derrick Rose’s 2011 MVP — the only blemish in that stretch for LeBron — seem all the more impressive, if all the more anomalous. Only four other players (Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Bill… » 5/04/13 4:50pm 5/04/13 4:50pm

You looked at the snake bite photo, didn't you? What were you thinking? Here, go cleanse your palate with this lovely Kareem Abdul-Jabbar piece in Esquire: "20 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Was 30." » 4/30/13 12:50pm 4/30/13 12:50pm

Here's Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Wearing A Darth Vader Mask And Posing With…

If we wanted to, we could probably track down information that would add context to this photo. But we aren't going to do that, because context does not matter in this case. All that matters is that this photo exists and that it makes us laugh, as do all photos of Kareem Abdul-Jabbar posing with shorter women. » 2/18/13 5:15pm 2/18/13 5:15pm

You Can Now Purchase Classic NBA Games On iTunes

Well, this is pretty goddamn cool. The NBA has made ten classic games available for purchase on iTunes. You can now download and watch Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's first game, Game 7 of the 1987 Eastern Conference Finals, and Game 1 of the 1997 finals as many times as you want. And the best part is that each game only… » 1/29/13 2:10pm 1/29/13 2:10pm

After Whining About It, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Will Get A Statue At The…

Last year, the Lakers unveiled a life-sized bronze statue of Jerry West outside the Staples Center, joining other L.A. sports luminaries Magic Johnson, Chick Hearn, Wayne Gretzky, and Oscar De La Hoya. But one Lakers legend was nonplussed. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar asked the Sporting News, as politely as he could, where's » 8/27/12 6:35pm 8/27/12 6:35pm

According To ESPN, Baylor Has Recruited The NBA's Next All-Time Leading…

Baylor may have missed the Final Four this year, but there's good news for the Bears on the recruiting front, according to ESPN's RecruitingNation. Unbelievably good news: » 3/26/12 4:57pm 3/26/12 4:57pm

Before He Became Kareem, Lew Had Trouble Finding Pants That Fit

As a sophomore at UCLA in 1967, young Lew Alcindor already had one of the highest verticals in the game, and an inseam to match. (Fifty-one inches, to be precise.) Tailored clothes were the solution to that, but the rest of college basketball had no answer for Alcindor's and UCLA's dominance. The next year, after his… » 3/19/12 7:05pm 3/19/12 7:05pm

If Hillary Clinton Farted Near Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, This Is Probably…

Abdul-Jabbar — bearing a copy of his new book — was in Washington today to be officially named a United States global Cultural Ambassador. He and Clinton posed for photos, the only one of which that matters at right. » 1/18/12 7:20pm 1/18/12 7:20pm

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Read A Book Called Chess Tactics For Champions

Add another three-week-old update on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's unheralded appearance at the Bonnaroo music festival earlier this month: he was reading a book called Chess Tactics for Champions while waiting for his panel. » 6/28/11 3:30pm 6/28/11 3:30pm

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Can Fit Inside A Bonnaroo Port-A-Potty

We have photographic evidence, courtesy of tipster Alex, that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar attended Bonnaroo this year — a fact some of you may have already known, depending on your hipness — and that he is both willing and able to use the common-folk Port-a-Potties at the annual four-day acid trip for our nation's young trust… » 6/27/11 6:35pm 6/27/11 6:35pm

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Wants A Statue, Damn It

Perhaps emboldened by Bill Russell and Jerry West finally receiving well-deserved statues, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is clamoring for an unmerited one of his own. » 5/18/11 2:40pm 5/18/11 2:40pm

Kareem Abdul-Jabbar Has Rare Form Of Leukemia

Tell your old man to drag chronic myeloid leukemia up and down the floor for the last year. The good news is that Kareem got a sponsorship deal with the company that makes his medication, so free drugs! [NYTimes/ESPN] » 11/10/09 10:00am 11/10/09 10:00am

Kareem Lobbies For A Head Coaching Job, In 140 Characters Or Less

Oft-overlooked Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is using Twitter to campaign for a head-coaching job in a league that let Tim Floyd lose 231 games: "[M]aybe a groundswell of support from my fans could open a door for me!" [Twitter, via TrueHoop] » 8/20/09 10:00am 8/20/09 10:00am

Why Did Kareem Only Hustle In The Playoffs?

Can statistics prove that the NBA regular season is a tedious neverending slog that not even the lazy players can be bothered to care about? [Slate] » 5/06/09 5:30pm 5/06/09 5:30pm

Photo Of The Day: Denim And Jugs

I'll be honest with you: I have no idea when, where and why this photo was taken. Hell, I don't even know who that woman is, though I suspect Brooks does. (UPDATE: Yup.) I just wanted to post this to complete this spectacular Kareem garment collection. Done and done. » 1/27/08 1:00pm 1/27/08 1:00pm

Kareem Takes A Large Dump On Someone Else's Lawn

If you needed another reason that the late Wilt Chamberlain was countless times more interesting than all-time scoring champ Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, we bring you this gossip item from today's New York Daily News. » 9/11/06 4:15pm 9/11/06 4:15pm

"You Can, Like, Make Rope With It"

We'd heard rumblings about it, but we hadn't been able to track down a photo. Fortunately, the geniuses at Free Darko found it, and we present it to you. It's Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, attending the Lakers-Suns playoff game over the weekend, getting his Steven Seagal on. » 4/25/06 1:15pm 4/25/06 1:15pm

Whatever Happened To ...

In case you were curious whatever happened to former Dolphins running back Karim Abdul-Jabbar, it turns out that he's teaching a fat-burning class at a Washington, D.C. gym. (Link via Cafe 227.) » 1/24/06 10:00am 1/24/06 10:00am