Kimbo Slice Wants To Show You His Romantic Side (It's His Dong)

Kimbo Slice—yes, that Kimbo Slice—and Ken Shamrock announced a fight this week on a June 20 Bellator card, so Slice made an appearance on Highly Questionable. When Papi asked for Slice's romantic side, the fighter pretended to take off his pants. That must have been a fun few seconds for Dan Le Batard's producers. »2/27/15 5:37pm2/27/15 5:37pm

The Fact That Kimbo Slice Lost is Purely Coincidental

Even though Elite XC said that Kimbo Slice's controversial loss to pink-haired Seth Petruzelli wasn't the death knell for its slipshod fight promotions company, it appears that proclamation was 100% false. Today, ProElite Inc., the owners of the EliteXC has officially closed up its sweat shop forever. Josh Gross of… »10/21/08 3:15pm10/21/08 3:15pm

Kimbo Clashes With Ken Shamrock, Gina Carano Likely To Stay Clothed

Kimbo Slice is moving on from his tangle with the magical elf »10/04/08 5:30pm10/04/08 5:30pm and will be entering the ring in a guaranteed bloodbath with Ken Shamrock. This will be the the most experienced opponent so far for Slice and he needs to stay on his feet if he wants to win. Slice is terrible on his back and Shamrock's strategy is sure to…

Kimbo Slice Lives An American Fantasy And Punches David Blaine In The Stomach

I admit: Like a true backwoods dope, I was initially mystified by David Blaine's early "magic" specials. Especially that time he turned a hobo's coffee into coins or the one where he levitated from the sidewalk. Like Michael Jackson and Fiona Apple, I believed David Blaine's magic was real, »9/24/08 5:00pm9/24/08 5:00pm man. A few of years ago, I…

Kimbo Slice's American Dream Will Live To Fight Another Day

As confirmed on Dan LeBatard's radio show yesterday, Kimbo's next opponent in Elite XC is against the Fishbone-esque mohawked madman Brett "The Grim" Rogers. Slice and Rogers got into a little spat after Kimbo's controversial victory, with Rogers shouting at the bearded man-beast and calling his victory over James… »6/06/08 6:15pm6/06/08 6:15pm

Cauliflower Ears Get Mainstream Recognition Thanks To Kimbo

One of the more disturbing and enjoyably gross aspects of Saturday night's EliteXC prime time bloodfest was the inevitable popping of James "Colossus" Thompson's swelled cauliflower ear by the mighty right of Kimbo Slice. As Kimbo's fist kept wailing and wailing on the purple upper region of Thompson's ear, it was… »6/04/08 5:00pm6/04/08 5:00pm