Lane Kiffin In Tuscaloosa Bar Strikes Fear In The Hearts Of 'Bama Fans

Reader Daniel sends along this picture, noting it was supposedly taken in a Tuscaloosa bar after Nick Saban invited the oft-fired coach to evaluate the Crimson Tide offense the previous week. Sabes said the invite was just for his own edification, he admires Lane's offensive prowess, but the invite—and now perhaps the… »12/28/13 9:30am12/28/13 9:30am

Impostors Posing As USC Reps Reach Out To Potential Football Coaches

So you know those reports that say USC has reached out to Tony Dungy and (possibly) Jack Del Rio to replace Lane Kiffin? Yeah, well, those overtures never happened. Oh, someone claiming to be from USC did call Dungy and a member of the Denver Broncos coaching staff. Whoever it was just wasn't actually someone with… »10/07/13 7:04pm10/07/13 7:04pm

Has Any Coach Ever Done Less With More Than Lane Kiffin?

Watch enough football for long enough, and eventually you'll see everything. I believe this: In this calendar year alone we've seen a one-point safety, a Heisman finalist cop to having an imaginary girlfriend, and a 300-pound left tackle score on a hook-and-lateral, among other improbable feats. And I believe that, at… »9/12/13 4:00pm9/12/13 4:00pm

Reports: USC Players Had A Locker-Room Brawl Over Matt Barkley's Honor

USC came into the Sun Bowl with a disappointing record—and without senior QB Matt Barkley. Barkley had missed the regular-season finale with a separated and sprained right shoulder, and was ruled out by the team's medical staff. The Trojans lost 21-7, and after the game, according to multiple reports, a group of… »1/16/13 2:55pm1/16/13 2:55pm

"Tim Tebow Is Gay," And Other Tips From 2012 We Didn't Follow Up On: The Year In Deadspin Deleted Scenes

A lot of our stories begin as tips from readers. (Have any? Send 'em here!) Sometimes, these tips don't pan out for one reason or another. Here are a bunch of emails we got in 2012 that never turned into stories, either because we couldn't confirm them or because they were so utterly ridiculous we didn't even bother… »12/31/12 3:50pm12/31/12 3:50pm

USC Was Way Late For The Sun Bowl Dinner, So Georgia Tech Got Pissed And Left

You think USC is excited to be spending New Year's Eve in El Paso, Texas, playing Georgia Tech in the Sun Bowl? Oh, sure, Lane Kiffin might have arrived yesterday wearing a sombrero and something less than a smile, but two Trojans players have already apologized for insulting the city, and now the entire Trojans… »12/27/12 11:20am12/27/12 11:20am

Why Does Everyone Care Which Exit Lane Kiffin Used When He Left The Visitor's Locker Room Last Night?

Yesterday afternoon's much-hyped grudge match between USC and UCLA went in the Bruins' favor immediately, and for good; the score was 24-0 midway through the second quarter, and, despite a spirited comeback to bring the Trojans within three, UCLA won by 10. The Bruins have the better record in the Pac-12 South, and… »11/18/12 9:50am11/18/12 9:50am

Your College Football Open Thread, For Talking About Basically Anything But College Football

Is this the worst week of college football in the entire season? Emphatically yes, it is the worst. During football's penultimate week, many ranked teams are playing FCS opponents from around the neighborhood—South Carolina plays Wofford, Texas A&M plays Sam Houston State, Georgia won't even go beyond its own state… »11/17/12 11:45am11/17/12 11:45am