ECHL Team Plans "Indoor Winter Classic"

Ah, the Winter Classic, perhaps the NHL's best innovation of the Bettman era. There's something pure about a game played out in the elements—bundled up, plenty of hot cocoa in reserve, the puck occasionally at the mercy of winds, and perhaps, if you're lucky, a light snowfall to add that magical touch. If you ignore… » 12/19/12 11:10am 12/19/12 11:10am

The Las Vegas Wranglers Present The Greatest Night Of Hockey ... Ever

Minor league franchises always try hard to present a family friendly atmosphere, but for one night only the Las Vegas Wranglers will not be down with that. Get your tickets now for "Over 18 Night." » 3/20/09 1:30pm 3/20/09 1:30pm

Let Your Hair Down On Rod Blagojevich Night

Las Vegas Wranglers minor league hockey team to host Rod Blagojevich night on Jan. 30, featuring prison-stripe uniforms and prime rinkside seat auctioned off to highest bidder. [ABC13-TV] » 12/15/08 5:15pm 12/15/08 5:15pm