Is Lenny Dykstra A Hot Fucking Mess? "Yes, Your Honor."

You name your child "Leonard" and you have certain hopes and expectations. Chief amongst them being that, no matter what, he doesn't wind up a guy named "Lenny." The Dykstra's lost out on that one and the gritty hits just keep on coming. Lenny pleaded guilty to bankruptcy fraud on Friday and could spend four years in… »7/14/12 9:30am7/14/12 9:30am


Lenny Dykstra's Accountant Wanted To Launch A Charlie Sheen Energy Drink

The latest issue of Sports Illustrated has a feature by David Epstein about the human flotsam that is Lenny Dykstra, who was sentenced on Monday to three years in California state prison after pleading no contest to grand theft auto and filing a false financial statement. Epstein spoke with an LAPD detective who… »3/07/12 6:15pm3/07/12 6:15pm

It'll Be Three Years In State Prison For Lenny Dykstra, And It's Only The Beginning

Today's sentence, handed down by a California judge, was in relation to the no contest plea former Mets and Phillies outfielder Lenny Dykstra had entered in October on charges of grand theft auto and providing a false financial statement. Dykstra's attempt to withdraw the plea was denied, which is not surprising… »3/05/12 7:05pm3/05/12 7:05pm

Lenny Dykstra Faces Four Years In Prison After Grand Theft Auto Plea Deal, Is Free Until January

Today, Lenny Dykstra pleaded no contest to three counts of felony grand theft auto and one count of submitting false statements to a financial institution stemming for allegedly leasing sweet rides with bogus paperwork. In return for said pleading, 21 other charges were dropped and Nails was ROR'd until his January… »10/19/11 8:30pm10/19/11 8:30pm

TV Station Comps Lenny Dykstra $2,500 In Food And Jewels After He Compares Himself To Gandhi

Lenny Dykstra's coat-tailing of Charlie Sheen has almost become as annoying as everything else Sheen (after a very good run, though). But the aftermath of Nails's wholly impressive interview with the NBC affiliate in Philly the other night continues resonating beyond his choice words about winning (and living in Macy… »3/09/11 10:30pm3/09/11 10:30pm

Charlie Sheen Puts Lenny Dykstra In A Position "Where I'm Actually Ready To Make A Big Move In My Life"

The Lenny Dykstra/Charlie Sheen revival tour can't do nothing but gather steam. Just two days after Dykstra vouched for the coke-fueled genius that is Sheen, they took to the radio waves to "set the record straight on the myriad of exaggerations, misinformation and outright falsehoods about his life that have been… »2/26/11 7:00pm2/26/11 7:00pm

Lenny Dykstra Vouches That Charlie Sheen Is A "Rock Star" And "F-ing Genius"

It was always supposed to come to this: Lenny Dykstra singing the "exclusive" praises of his pal Charlie Sheen to Radar Online. But Lenny being Lenny, there has to be an endgame, and that endgame could very well be squatter's rights on a spare room at Sheen's L.A. mansion, where he was hanging last Friday. »2/23/11 11:00pm2/23/11 11:00pm