Liam Neeson's Slightly Diminishing Skills: Run All Night, Reviewed

Critics may not like Liam Neeson's action movies, but that hasn't translated into folks not liking him for making them. Unlike, say, Johnny Depp and his endless array of "zany" characters or Nicolas Cage and his pitiful cornucopia of forgettable doing-it-for-the-paycheck roles, he hasn't become a punchline. In… »3/12/15 3:05pm3/12/15 3:05pm


The Badass-Action-Hero Rebirth Of Liam Neeson

Does anybody else remember when Liam Neeson was kind of a wimp? It might seem strange, now that he spends every movie beating up everyone in sight (and inspiring a particularly wonderful Key & Peele sketch: "He straight jacked up them wolves!"), but when Neeson was younger—and presumably stronger and better at… »9/19/14 4:10pm9/19/14 4:10pm

Unforgivable: A Million Ways To Die In The West, Reviewed.

1. Think about how much of an indictment it is to say, "All the good jokes are in the trailer" about a movie. Trailers, at most, are three minutes long. A Million Ways to Die in the West runs 116 minutes. That is a ton of time to comb through to dig out a Family Guy-esque gag about running into Emmet Brown and his… »5/30/14 11:36am5/30/14 11:36am

"Are We Live? Oh Shit." Liam Neeson Appears On SportsCenter And Has Absolutely No Idea What He's Being Asked

Liam Neeson dragged himself onto SportsCenter yesterday to pimp Taken 2 and wow. Has there ever been a guest on SportsCenter who was so unprepared to be a guest on SportsCenter? Neeson didn't like where it was headed from the get-go—he was being asked about the Jets—and wanted to start over. But whoops, it's live,… »10/04/12 1:52pm10/04/12 1:52pm

God Bless Liam Neeson, He Sure Does Try. Taken 2, Reviewed.

If you liked the first Taken, it was probably because of Liam Neeson. With that unlikely hit, the Oscar-nominated actor established himself as a tough-guy action star, a development that was surprising not because he's a bad fit for the role but, rather, because he proved really adept at it. Anyone can swing a… »10/03/12 6:00pm10/03/12 6:00pm