Only One Moment From Barcelona-Real Madrid Lived Up To The Clásico Name

It’s normally a safe bet that the two Clásicos of any given season will both be among the biggest and best matches of the year. Clásicos pit the two giants of Spain against one another, with teams as rich in talent as in history, in arguably the most intense and passionate rivalry in Europe, and which almost always…

ESPN Photoshopped Lionel Messi's Head Onto Sergio Agüero's Body, And It Looks Dumb As Hell

ESPN FC has a horrifying article up the site’s front page headlined “Why Messi could join Man City.” Now, the post isn’t horrifying for its content—I didn’t read it as I have no interest in Messi fanfiction—but rather because of this disturbing Photoshop job that accompanies it:

Boo On Sevilla For Not Trying To Stop Messi With This Wacky Free-Kick Defense

With his nearly unlimited array of skills and his penchant for breaking down defenses even when they’re almost single-mindedly set up to stop him, Lionel Messi presents a unique threat to opponents. Unfortunately for his rivals, it’s difficult to dream up some newfangled tactic that could help bottle him up.…

Errant Lionel Messi Shot Breaks A Fan's Wrist And Leaves Her Woozy

From the look of Raquel’s careful, handrail-aided steps, the slow wipe of her mouth, her collapse into a seat, and her dazed swaying as she attempts to pick herself up afterward, you’d think that the Villarreal-Barcelona match attendee had just realized, after puking up a quart or so of alcohol, that she’d had all the…