Mo'ne Davis Pitches Tonight. This Is Why You Need To Watch.

The Taney Dragons, representing Pennsylvania, will take on Nevada in a Little League World Series semifinal tonight. On the mound for the Dragons will be Mo'ne Davis, a 13-year-old girl whom you have surely heard of by now. You should be watching this game, because even though this is just little league baseball,… » 8/20/14 1:56pm Wednesday 1:56pm

Little League Coach Gives Great Post-Game Speech To Kids After Loss

This is a great little reminder that not all youth coaches and parents are psychopaths. After losing to Jackie Robinson West 8-7, Dave Belisle gathered his Cumberland American team from Rhode Island to let them know that even though they lost, it's not a reason to be upset or disappointed. » 8/19/14 12:51am Tuesday 12:51am

Korean Little Leaguers Get In On The Bat-Flipping Party

Bat flips for everyone! These are two little leaguers for the South Korea team bat-flipping their asses off against Puerto Rico today. The first one is a little more about the hands than bat flip, but the second one is textbook. They both happen to be on outs, but that doesn't matter, one of the all-time great bat… » 8/17/14 7:18pm Sunday 7:18pm

Little League Kids Score 10 Runs In Bottom Of Sixth To Tie Championship…

The little tykes from California playing in the Little League World Series (U.S. Championship final) scored 10 runs in their last licks to tie the game. This is the home run that sealed the comeback. Unfortunately, Tennessee put up nine more runs in the top of the seventh and won 24-16, so it was all for naught. » 8/25/12 7:05pm 8/25/12 7:05pm

"They Represented Canada Well": Sad Things Said Yesterday By Managers…

The Little League World Series is going on, you realized over the weekend, as you scrolled through your digital cable guide. That means ESPN is lying about fastball velocities and kids' dreams are getting crushed. They will never become Chris Drury or Todd fucking Frazier. They'll just sit around, talking 'bout the… » 8/21/12 11:55am 8/21/12 11:55am

"Play Hard And Have Fun And Let The Chips Fall Where They May": Little…

ESPN caught Indiana's manager Brett Mann firing his little leaguers up in between innings and it's not only awesome, but exactly what you want to see from little league sports. Yes, he wants to win and he's urging them on so they can win, but he's not talking about "glory" or being a "champion" or any other… » 8/19/12 8:40pm 8/19/12 8:40pm

Little League Team Advances To World Series On Sketchy Third-Base Appeal

The team from Petaluma, California advanced to the Little League World Series last night after escaping from a sixth-inning rally by their Nanakuli, Hawaii opponents with an appeal to third base that a Hawaiian runner missed the bag. The score was 7-6 Petaluma at the time, with the Northern California team needing… » 8/12/12 10:00am 8/12/12 10:00am