Islanders Player Too Modest To Let Bird Flap In The Wind

This poor guy. A teammate in the back of this John Tavares interview poked his head around the wall of the showers and saw nothing but cameras rolling. Apparently in the nude and unwilling to strut his stuff for all the viewers tuning in for Islanders pre-season post-game coverage, he popped back behind the wall and… »9/23/13 9:40pm9/23/13 9:40pm


Mike Shanahan Filed A Police Report Over Cash Stolen From The Locker Room In Pittsburgh, Later Found It

During the Redskins' Week 8 game in Pittsburgh, Mike Shanahan left his unlocked briefcase in an open locker. Not the smartest move, but one assumes the visitors' locker room is inviolable. After the game, an ugly whipping, Shanahan checked his stuff—and found $3,700 in cash and his passport missing. What Mike Shanahan… »11/14/12 10:00am11/14/12 10:00am

Jerry Jones Was Locked Out Of The Cowboys' Locker Room

The Cowboys lost last night, but that's not good enough to sate the bloodlust of fans who want them to lose spectacularly, or painfully, because Dallas used to be good 15 years ago. Tony Romo didn't cooperate, failing to turn the ball over even once, let alone at a crucial moment late in the game. Luckily for us,… »11/05/12 10:40am11/05/12 10:40am

Man Charged With "Felony Secret Peeping" For Hiding Camera In Minor League Locker Room

The Carolina Mudcats are the Indians' single-A affiliate, and as a single-A baseball team may not have much in the way of locker room security. But staff members noticed an unfamiliar face poking around the visitors' locker room during a game Tuesday night—a man claiming to be a cleaning employee. »4/13/12 1:00pm4/13/12 1:00pm