Shattered Town Observes Anniversary Of Drunken Metrodome Coitus By…

Carroll, Iowa, is the home of Lois Feldman, the woman who famously had a crapulent fling in the stall of a Metrodome bathroom. Carroll is also the home of many people who'd rather not talk about Lois Feldman's crapulent fling. » 11/20/09 4:00pm 11/20/09 4:00pm

Train Wreck of a Woman Who Had Hawkeye Sex in Bathroom Stall Comes Clean

We featured this as a quicklink, but given the amount of attention this poor woman is getting due to her unfortunate drunken sexcapades at the Iowa/Minnesota game last week, it's probably worth another look. » 11/28/08 10:56am 11/28/08 10:56am