Mike Francesa Wouldn't Shut Up About Paternity Leave Today

Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy is going to be away from the team for a few days on paternity leave, because his wife had a child and he wants to be with his wife and child. This is a thing that men in America, even athletes, do. Usually if they don't, it's because they're not lucky enough to have a good job where… » 4/02/14 5:37pm 4/02/14 5:37pm

Mets Pitching Coach: “I’m Sorry I Called You A ‘Chinaman’ Yesterday”

The Wall Street Journal's Stu Woo published an item last night about a very awkward exchange that he witnessed in the Mets locker room. While Woo was talking to Jeff Cutler, a Japanese American who serves as the team's interperter for Daisuke Matsuzaka, the two were approached by Mets pitching coach Dan Warthen. » 3/13/14 12:23pm 3/13/14 12:23pm

Matt Harvey's Interview With Dan Patrick Got Real Awkward Real Fast

Mets phenom Matt Harvey was a guest on the Dan Patrick Show this morning, and he was not the ideal interview subject. Patrick wanted to talk about Harvey's elbow injury and the looming possibility of Tommy John surgery—you know, baseball stuff—but all Harvey wanted to do was be a pitchman for some dumb phone thing… » 9/18/13 12:30pm 9/18/13 12:30pm

The Mets Trade Marlon Byrd Hours Before Marlon Byrd T-Shirt Night

ESPN New York's Adam Rubin is reporting that Mets outfielder Marlon Byrd has been traded to the Pittsburgh Pirates after the Pirates put a successful waiver claim on Byrd. That's all well and good for the Mets—Byrd is exactly the kind of player that an out-of-contention team should be looking to unload—but in true Mets … » 8/27/13 2:50pm 8/27/13 2:50pm

Yasiel Puig Initiates Launching Sequence, Throws Out Marlon Byrd

Puig was unable to record the out on Justin Turner's little flare to shallow right in the second inning in Los Angeles, so he just mowed down Marlon Byrd foolishly attempting to advance to third instead. Watch more angles—it looks like he's throwing a golf ball from his ear—and listen to Vin Scully call it here. » 8/15/13 12:45am 8/15/13 12:45am

Jason Heyward Makes Diving Catch To Save Game Against Mets

With two outs and two men on base in the bottom of the ninth of a 2-1 game, Mets pinch hitter Justin Turner hit a tailing line drive to left-center. By the time the ball makes its way into the outfield, Andrew Brown is rounding third and Omar Quintanilla is already at second. If Heyward—who began the play in… » 7/22/13 11:07pm 7/22/13 11:07pm