Ford C. Frick Award-Winner Tim McCarver Mocked A Cancer Charity During Tonight's Broadcast [UPDATE]

Locks Of Love is a charity that makes wigs out of donated hair for children who have lost theirs due to cancer treatments or other medical reasons. Most people are familiar with Locks Of Love, for whom well-known hirsute people often go shorn in the name of charity and good faith. »7/07/12 8:08pm7/07/12 8:08pm


McCarve'd Up: Your Weekly Look At The Stupidest Things Tim McCarver Said During Saturday's Game

MLB on FOX lead analyst Tim McCarver is entering a new phase of his career: the one in which he must be referred to as "Hall of Fame broadcaster Tim McCarver." Thus, we enter the 2012 baseball season wondering if McCarver might actually step up his game and provide color commentary worthy of such an honor (or, at… »4/20/12 4:05pm4/20/12 4:05pm