Media Approval Ratings: Jeanne Zelasko

If you were in attendance at Citizens Bank Ballpark last night, the first voice you may have heard over the loudspeaker after your team won the championship was that of Jeanne Zelasko. And while I have nothing against Jeanne Zelasko personally, I’m not exactly sure she was the right person to have speaking at that… » 10/30/08 5:00pm 10/30/08 5:00pm

Media Approval Ratings: Braylon Edwards

When will the blogs vs. mainstream media debate finally end? Hopefully soon, right? Please? Pretty please? There is perhaps only one man who can settle this once and for all, build that oft-mentioned bridge to the 21st Century. And that man is obviously Braylon Edwards. » 6/27/08 1:45pm 6/27/08 1:45pm

Media Approval Ratings: John Saunders

We learned last year that John Saunders had been shopping memoir about his rough-and-tumble life on the streets of Toronto. We wouldn't have guessed his life was that rough-and-tumble, but what do we know? » 6/26/08 1:05pm 6/26/08 1:05pm

Media Approval Ratings: Terry Bradshaw

We can say with 100 percent certainty that, of all the people we've mentioned in this Media Approval Ratings business, Terry Bradshaw is the first whose bare ass we have seen. We're not sure which is worse: Having that happen, or admitting that we've seen Failure To Launch. » 6/25/08 1:05pm 6/25/08 1:05pm

Media Approval Ratings: Michael Smith

There's probably no show on earth that we hammer on more than "Around The Horn," and jeez, how could we not? But of all the regular cast of characters — Mariotti, Plaschke, Paige, what not — Michael Smith (who's probably a semi-regular) seems to escape a lot of hatred. » 6/24/08 1:05pm 6/24/08 1:05pm

Media Approval Ratings: Jeremy Schaap

Right now, we desperately wish we had video handy of Jeremy Schapp in one of the "meetings" on "E-60"'s conference room segments. He is ... saying something ... very serious. » 6/20/08 1:05pm 6/20/08 1:05pm

Media Approval Ratings: John Feinstein

The first time we ever read a book that had the word fuck in it was in John Feinstein's Season On The Brink. Bobby Knight liked to say that word a lot. It was also the first time we had seen the c-word. We were 14 years old. » 6/19/08 1:05pm 6/19/08 1:05pm

Media Approval Ratings: David Aldridge

It seems like an extremely long time ago that David Aldridge was on ESPN. He almost seems the exact opposite of what the network wants out of its NBA coverage. » 6/18/08 1:05pm 6/18/08 1:05pm

Media Approval Ratings: Bill Plaschke

While searching for photos of Los Angeles Times columnist (and "Around the Horn" regular) Bill Plaschke, we came across this one. How in the world did Plaschke get on that panel? » 6/17/08 1:05pm 6/17/08 1:05pm

Media Approval Ratings: Bill Walton

It is easy to forget sometimes that Bill Walton used to stutter. Remembering that little factoid makes his signature BOLD PROCLAMATIONS a little easier to handle; he wouldn't be Bill Walton if he didn't sound uncertain. » 6/16/08 1:05pm 6/16/08 1:05pm

Media Approval Ratings: Jeff Van Gundy

We are pretty sure that most of you would agree that Jeff Van Gundy is an unlikely excellent NBA analyst. We're sure he would have never imagined that's the way his career would go. He's just coachy enough to be a TV preener. » 6/13/08 1:05pm 6/13/08 1:05pm

Media Approval Ratings: Gregg Easterbrook

When Gregg Easterbrook's old "Tuesday Morning Quarterback" initially appeared on ESPN Slate, way way way way back in the day, it seemed like a revelation, and we say that not only because of his consistently amusing (and depressing) "Arizona (CAUTION: MAY CONTAIN FOOTBALL-LIKE SUBSTANCE) Cardinals" crack. » 6/12/08 1:05pm 6/12/08 1:05pm

Media Approval Ratings: Sal Paolantonio

ESPN's flashy-suited NFL reporter is the WWL's go-to guy when it comes to the headline-grabbing stories that require an Italian hard news punch. "Sal Pal", as he's wont to call himself, is a Philly boy, who's covered everything from Terrell Owens' driveway meltdown, to Spygate, to Vick's dogfighting trial, and even… » 6/11/08 1:05pm 6/11/08 1:05pm

Media Approval Ratings: Jay Bilas

We would like to repeat our favorite piece of biographical information about Jay Bilas: He once starred in a movie with Dolph Lundgren. The movie was "Dark Angel," and Bilas plays an alien named "Azeck." Man this makes us happy. » 6/10/08 1:05pm 6/10/08 1:05pm

Media Approval Ratings: Skip Bayless

It's kind of amazing to think that, at one point, Skip Bayless was one of the top up-and-coming sportswriters in the country. At the age of 25, Bayless was hired as lead columnist for the Dallas Morning News, an amazing opportunity. He embraced this job by constantly claiming Troy Aikman was gay. And they say bloggers… » 6/09/08 1:05pm 6/09/08 1:05pm

Media Approval Ratings: Gregg Doyel

We've had some fun with Gregg Doyel around these parts — we'd actually forgotten about all that "glog" business, though we think we and Doyel had the world's best ever Glog Feud — but generally speaking, we think he livens the place up over at CBS Sportsline. » 6/06/08 1:05pm 6/06/08 1:05pm

Media Approval Ratings: Beano Cook

The last week has brought something wonderful: Official football preseason guides! Yesterday we bought the Pro Football Weekly version — which has the Buzzsaw in the playoffs! — and last week we grabbed Athlon's college football version. (Illini in the top 20!) Yep: It really never is too early to talk about college… » 6/04/08 1:05pm 6/04/08 1:05pm

Media Approval Ratings: Chris Myers

Chris Myers is the guy who came with the "Did You Know?" segment on "SportsCenter." We always liked that segment, particularly when Kenny Mayne did a "Did you know ... about ... sports." » 6/03/08 1:05pm 6/03/08 1:05pm